Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Me, I'm just a lawnmower...

My neighbors bought a gianormous boat. It's as big as my house. It's in the driveway next door. I almost crashed the car when I came around the corner and saw it. Guess I know what they'll be doing with all their free time this summer.

My husband bought a new lawnmower. Not as big as a boat, but a very crucial and important purchase nonetheless. We bought our last lawn mower when we moved in here, in 1996. In the last four years, many things have broken off of it, fallen off of it, or have been wired together to just barely make the thing run.

I hate that I cannot tell whether or not my upstairs tennant is laughing or crying. If she's crying, I'd like to give her a hand, ya know. Go up. Console. Part of me does, at least. The other part says "meh, whatever." But she's got this crazy laugh, and ... it's loud and boisterous, and. Well. Yeah. Hhhrmmm.

Anyway -- back to the lawnmower. Yeah. We had this old boy tape-and- spitballed together so it'd run. Yesterday afternoon Doug came home and pulled it out... our grass (about half the lawn, the healthy part, which is a story for another day) sorely needed mowed but the rain as of late prevented any mowage from happening until yesterday. He went out to mow, and was merrily mowing with the near dead lawnmower, when it truly did die, and he couldn't pull a Gregory House on it, figure out the hidden malady and suddenly have it fixed with 11 minutes left in the program.

So he wanted a Honda mower, researched it, went to the mower shop in Plaistow NH where they didn't have what he wanted and obviously are painfully laid back about sales because no one helped him maybe pick out another one that would do for him... so he left and went to Home Despot and bought one there.

It looks like an evil stinging flying insect. It's wicked, with black and orange and ... ooooh. Scary.

Oh -- she's laughing. I hear "hee hee hee hee." I wonder if she's laughing at the boat? Maybe? Oh, now it's "hoo hoo haa hee haa haa haa." I feel much less worried about her. Whew.

Anyway, back to the lawnmower. He just finished mowing the lawn. And we'll see how long this one lasts. I'm suggesting he store it in the basement instead of under the deck. It will weather better when put away nicely.

Jessica wanted a riding mower. She knows how to drive a tractor (thanks to Uncle Aaron who taught her quite nicely) and she said she'd gladly mow the lawn weekly if it was a ride on mower. What a lazy cuss she is, huh.

Doug told her that while the mower we now own doesn't support her weight, she can still feel free to mow whenever she wants.

Towhit, she replied "meh."

I have decided that I really am incredibly sick to death of the following:

  • Joss Stone. Yawn. Her bare feet and sexy low-rider white jeans bore me. For soul, I'll take Etta James any day. Yeah, she's 18, she's phenomenal. But. She's like an American Idol contestant and I'm tired of her schtick.'
  • Mick Jagger's "Old Habits Die Hard" song from Alfie, with the insufferable Sheryl Crow. Meh. I hate her. And Mick just can't sing anymore. Sorry. Lame.
  • Anna Nalick's new song "Breathe (2am)" which I liked the first 100 times I heard, but now would really like to hear something new and different from her album, which Rolling Stone gives 3 stars, and hopefully has more than one hit on it.
  • Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams." Is he on a Boulevard, a street or a road. Billie Joe needed a good songwriting editor on that one. It frustrates me when I hear it. I would much MUCH rather hear "Holiday," which is a fine, loud, fun song. It kicks ass. More Holiday, less Boulevard, thank you.
  • Dave Matthew's American Baby song. It sucks. It is awful. It is a mumbly joe mess with an awful, boring repetitive "refrain" that just makes me yawn. I'm disappointed in you, Dave.

I am NOT sick of the following:

  • Bruce Hornsby's new Candy Mountain song. I can listen to that all day. Grateful Dead influenced happiness. A great summer song. But, it could join the list above if the radio station I listen to continues to play it twice a day.
  • Barenaked Ladies. I never sicken of thee.
  • Marc Broussard, singing the heck out of "Home."
  • Vodka Tonics. Yeah!
  • Real World/Road Rules Challenges -- will someone please smack Veronica into the middle of next year. Gah.

Hmmm. That's pretty much it right now.

The radio station I listen to streaming online is The River. If you are at your desk and your network administrator doesn't give you shit for streaming media, you too can listen to the River. It beats half of what is on the air these days, because they play some weird stuff sometimes.

But I notice that when I am listening for 8 hours straight, 5 days a week, that there is a lot more repetition than I'd like to hear from an allegedly independent radio station. Especially with the afternoon guy, Bob Stewart. For instance -- Fiona Apple's "Sleep to Dream" song. Three days in a row, at the same time. I love that song. But. Why? Why is it being played DAILY in the same spot. It pisses me off. I should add that to my list.

And he always plays "Accidentally in Love" by the Counting Crows. As if their discography has nothing else of value in it. Meh.

I emailed to complain, but no one listens. And they don't play nearly enough Barenaked Ladies, compared to the amount of U2, or Bruce Springsteen (or Fiona Apple, for that matter).

Anyway -- every day at lunchtime they do something called "The Daily Special." They give a theme, and you need to supply songs that fit the theme. I always try and give a BNL song to fit the theme, of course. Today's theme was Songs About Women, of which BNL has three. I suggested 15 songs in all, from Sweet Melissa and Jessica from the Allman Bros. To "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction. And many more in between.

They didn't play a single one of my suggestions. Instead, they played a song they play 3 to 9 times a day "Kathleen" by Josh Ritter. Which is a great song, but isn't "SPECIAL" in any way, shape or form. A song that is already in their play list shouldn't be included in the Special list. Sorry. I got pissed at that.

But they countered with Jonatha Brooke's "Annie" and I melted.

Aw, River ... you can't do nothin' wrong!

Tomorrow's theme is songs about Mexico, for cinco de Mayo. Yet another holiday in the USA that has no clue as to what it is about ... except for booze. I suggested James Taylor's "Mexico" of course, and "Banditos" by the Refreshments, which is the best song ever.

Let's see if they play it!

Alright -- Geoff went over to play in the boat next door, I ought to go drag his ass over here. They want me to see it. I should go check it out.

They have a boat, but I have a new lawnmower. Neener. Neener.

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