Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Eggs in Baskets

Tomorrow morning we are meeting with neighbor cousin to talk offer on house.

I'm quite excited, and I'm willing to hear his offer but am convinced he is going to low-ball us way down around our ankles. I'd rather he aim for our navels. We can work on the suggestions and offer he makes, and hopefully come up with a mutually agreeable total amount. I'm willing to say "have a nice day" and walk away if he's too argumentative. We bought this house 10 years ago with the hope that it would launch us into another house and make our lives easier as we step up. Not harder. So a low-ball offer is not going to fly with me.

I'm shrewd like that.

By the way -- we have kind of decided that the Blue House on Busy Street is the one for us. The land deal with Pink Dream house has us totally gun-shy, and we can't afford that anyway. We can afford blue house. And afford it we shall.

So there is this cruise I wanted to go on. And after looking at our finances, and weighing all the factors, we're not going to go. I'm disappointed and heart broken, but painfully realistic in the end. I am able to be both. I went through petulant cry-babyness most of the day. But I've Kubler-Rossed myself into acceptance.

You should go if you have the money. Really. You'll enjoy yourself. Trust me.


It is something I don't think of too often, except when I don't have it, or might not have it. We're number crunching and looking at what stuff is going to cost, and I'm seriously fretting now that we aren't going to have enough for all the things we will need to do.

No wonder I'm not going on a cruise.

We're selling the house ourselves, so we've got a lawyer (money) writing up contracts (money) and have to do a Title V septic inspection (money) and have the town fire marshall come and inspect the house to make sure we have smoke detectors (money) and then we have to get a dumpster or four in order to throw out all the throw-outtables (money). Then we have to make an offer on another house (money) and move (money) and paint the new house non-Bermuda colors (money) and get water in the pool (money) and buy a bedroom set for Geoff, a nice couch, a fridge, washer/dryer (money money money) for the new house...

It's going to be a long stretch of money moving around and vanishing before my eyes. I'm not liking that.

Anyway -- pray for us tomorrow morning, that neighbor cousin is cool and not way cheap, and we don't get ripped off, and that we can stand our ground if he gets all argumentative. We know what we need, and we are going to stick as close to it as we can. In the end, that's all we can do.

It is what it is.

On that note, I'm off to bed. Night all.

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