Friday, March 10, 2006

Roller Coaster...

After yesterday's entry was freshly posted, I walked Geoff to the bus stop.

Neighbor wife was waiting for me, and told me that neighbor cousin LOVES the house and spent hours at their house talking with husband about plans for fixing stuff up and doing this and doing that etc. I acted nonplussed and smiled and nodded. "That's Great!" I said.

The impression Doug had gotten was that the guy thought the place would be too much work and he wasn't interested at all. He told me that the guy is a really good actor, because while he was here checking the place out he was all "Oh man, this'll cost a lot to fix up!" and next door he was all "wheeeee! Yay!" and planning until well into the night...

After talking it over yesterday morning, we decided we'll wait to hear from neighborcousin personally. Not that neighborwife isn't trustworthy -- she's never lied to me before so why should she start now? But we'll wait to see what he comes back to us with offerwise, and we'll wait through the weekend before contacting him back to ask what he is thinking.

Meanwhile, neighbordaughter at the bus stop is very sad that we're going to be moving. She told me she loves us. Ain't that sweet.

So yesterday we went from lowdown kind of sad in the morning to "whee! this could work!" a few minutes later. My realtor said "welcome to the wonderful world of real estate!"


Alright -- I just wanted to update that fact there, and now I've got a boy who wants to play with a guinea pig before leaving for school. So I better go help him get pig out of cage.

Have a good day.

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