Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who needs sleep?

When last we left our tale of shite in a tank, Mister Title V guy was here. It was Saturday. A beautiful, fun-filled, cleaning day. We were throwing stuff in a dumpster and having a damn good time. We went to the recycling center and returned about $60 in cans and bottles.

At the time of his departure Saturday afternoon, Mister Title V guy couldn't certify us. He said he might be able to ascertain failure or passing if we got our tank pumped. I called immediately and made an appointment for Monday. And the guy came and did his pumping... which a whole other story in and of itself...

Now, Mister Title V guy is back this morning to finish his inspection.

Basically, since Saturday I've been incredibly worried about this, and just want this part to be over with, pass or fail, stay or move. Everything hinges on that.

Hence the title and the song quote today. Sing it with me and play the flute solo.

In the meantime, while all this is going on in our lives, a second party offered on the blue house, right in the ballpark where we were. Our broker told the seller's broker that we needed until today to make a decision on whether or not we'd stick with our offer.

One would think because your offer came first they'd wait, but they didn't have to if they didn't want to. And they didn't.

They took the other offer yesterday afternoon. Which puts us out of the running for blue house unless the second offer is pulled for some reason (ie: they discover during home inspection there is something wrong with the house).

This didn't bother me too much. As you know, I liked the house, a lot -- but it wasn't my dream house. The busy street factor really was something that bothered me, and I'm actually quite okay with the fact that we aren't getting this house. There were a lot of pros which helped me, the eternal optimist, ignore the major con of the busy street. In the end, the balance was right for our family, the fun factor was high, the kids would be happy there. And that is a dream in and of itself.

Yes, it didn't bother me at all. I could live with this, start at ground zero, and re-evaluate other houses we'd seen or wait until something else comes on the market. I was okay with it for sure.

That is, until I got home last night and learned from Doug that Geoff didn't take the news well.

He was devastated. Absolutely positively wrecked. Doug said he cried and cried for over an hour. He had his little heart set on that house, out of all the other ones we looked at, and now he doesn't understand why we aren't going to get it.

Doug did the usual "It wasn't meant to be for us, there's another house that will work out better somewhere out there" but Geoff isn't hearing it. Ice cream helped him feel a little better, but in the end this morning he's still kinda sad. He gets to drive past that house on the bus, and I know it will make him feel as blue inside as its vinyl siding is outside.

In the end, the kids don't make the decision on which house we buy. But. Their comfort, safety and happiness are a major motivator in MY decision making (Doug's too) and now it's kind of heartbreaking. Whereas, it wasn't until 7pm last night when I got home.

Since I started this entry this morning, the Title V guy came in to tell me that he can "conditionally" certify the system. The system itself is okay, not as bad as he initially feared and caused me to experience massive duress over.

That's the good news.

The bad news is there is a small box called the "D" box (Distribution Box) which is cracked in two places and its lid is cracked in half. The D box sends liquid out into the leeching fields. Of which I was surprised to learn we have two. Nice. I'm learning a lot.

We will need to get that replaced, not repaired, so someone smarter than the dorkus malorkus who came out to do the pumping (remember, I said that's a story all in and of itself) will have to come out and do this. Price? Unsure. I have to call around and get a guy. But suffice to say it will be a whole lot less than the tens of thousands of dollars I was thinking we'd have to spend to get the system replaced if we failed.

I'll be able to sleep tonight. Hurrah.

One fly in the ointment though... It could take forever because a lot of companies are booked solid in the spring (solid. heh. punny.) and we may not get them out here in time for the sale. Which is okay because we can have that written into the agreement with a buyer, that we fix it before a certain date. All told, it could be worse.

And in the end, isn't that always my philosophy of life? It could be worse... it could be worse.

One final note -- let my experience be a cautionary tale to you, my brothers and sisters. If you are on a septic system, Get It Pumped. It cost us $170 to get it pumped. It could have cost us $30,000 to get the bitch replaced. So. Invest a little, in the end, it could save you a lot.

Okay -- I have to pay the dude now that he's wrapping up. Heading to work in a better mood than I woke up in. Hopefully it stays that way. Cheers!

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