Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bank Check

Good morning, and welcome to your Thursday. It is 7:30 am, Doug just left for work, and I am heading into work late because I have to go buy a cashiers check to go with the signed Purchase & Sale agreement that we inked on Monday.

I've never ever bought a cashiers check for the amount of cash I'll be buying today. Doug and I have been scrimping and saving and putting every red cent aside due to this process and the fact we owed a ton on taxes. I could buy a car with the money I'm going in to take out today. And not some POS thousand dollar car either. A real car, with bells and whistles and all kinds of features.

It will literally drain us down to the barebones of the account and it makes me dizzy just thinking about it.

So because of all this, I've been a little bit distracted. Here is the update for the past few days.

Saturday we continued to clean the basement. All that is left is stuff we can burn. And a boat. Some serious progress was made, and I'm proud of our achievement. We have a huge basement. It's awesome. I almost wish we were staying and we could do something with this space, but... my new basement is cool too, and I will have four bedrooms and a guest room. That's a lot of space. I keep telling myself that it's okay to move from here, and we'll be happy happy happy. Yes we will.

Geoff eats the smiley egg firstAfter a morning of cleaning and burning and having fun, we dyed Easter Eggs. There are still two dozen eggs in my fridge. Someone better eat them. I sure as hell won't.

We had a great time, and Geoff totally enjoyed the white crayon and the writing on the eggs trick that daddy taught him.

Here he is with Doug's smiley face egg. He ate it immediately after we were done. I think Doug was disappointed and wanted the egg to stick around a few minutes... so I grabbed this shot.

I think dying eggs is a lot of fun. We do it more than once a year. I think in the fall it is a good rainy day activity... and the kids dig it. So I highly recommend it if you're looking for something different to do with kids in the winter time.

Sunday was Easter. We skipped church because we haven't been in quite a while and EVERYone shows up on Easter, so we thought we'd save going for another Sunday. Instead, we sat around the house and answered all Geoff's questions about the Triune God and why Good Friday is called Good Friday when very bad things happened that day to Jesus and it wasn't really a good day for him at all.

We then went Geocaching. What better way to enjoy the risen Lord than to get out and move your body and enjoy His creation, I say.

killer turkey 3We went to the Boxford Town Forest, not too far away, where a new geocache had been placed (funny note, we were doing one of RexRider98's caches, and he was doing two of ours at the same time. Heh.). On the way we were assaulted by a turkey in the middle of the road.

Of course, I got pictures. Dude was trying to peck our tires. When Doug beeped the horn, we'd hoped he'd get scared off but it just made him yell gobble gobble. A car tried to pass us, and almost ran him over... and then the turkey attacked that car, so we made a clean get away to about 150 feet ahead and stopped the truck, got out, and watched the turkey kick ass on that guy's car. It was very funny.

I took a lot of pictures of trees and bark and sky and stuff. It was about a 2 mile hike round trip, and then our GPS started flaking out and stopped working all together, so that cut our trip short.

Monday we signed the P&S and I had an instantaneous panic attack about writing a check for 20 Thousand Dollars to hold the place until today's Banker's Check (see above) and didn't sleep well that night. I was worried about tax implications and the like because I didn't intend on putting a downpayment of this size on the house now -- I wanted to keep my savings and use the proceeds from the sale of this house as the down payment on closing day.

But no one explained to me that I was expected to put 5% down with the P&S. And in theory, I didn't HAVE to, I could have said "Yeah, I'm putting down 2% and financing the rest after the proceeds of the sale.

So I get my money back in my account after we sell this house, but it isn't the way I wanted to do it.

I've never sold a house and bought a house at the same time, and my buyer's broker is on vacation... and the woman filling in for him is a little, shall we say, stupid. My broker tells me when to blow my nose and wipe my back end. This one didn't even tell me I was supposed to bring money to the P&S, never sent me a draft copy of the P&S to review, and on Monday when the banks were closed for stupid patriot's day, I asked her when she was going to let me know I was supposed to come with a bank check, and how she proposed I was going to receive one.

I'm not letting my buyer's broker go on vacation ever again. I need hand holding sometimes. And she wasn't giving it. So I was pissed and panicky and ... yikes.

Tuesday during the day my kids went to a birthday party. One of Geoff's cub scout den-mates turned 9 and so his mom had a surprise party for him at a mini-golf/batting cages/driving range/ice cream place. Jess went and filled in for me because I had to get my teeth cleaned and I didn't want to leave Geoff alone with a huge crowd. I know and trust the mom hosting the party, but didn't want to have to burden her with him if he got distracted, bored or upset. So Jess did a good job while I got my teeth taken care of. And she got ice cream so she was very happy.

Geoff got a hole in 1 on the final hole, which got him a free game card. And then he went to the batting cages and took a shot right to the arm. He was so pissed and angry -- not because he was hurt but because some of the kids laughed. He's never BEEN to a batting cage, so he didn't stand in the right spot and didn't know what to do. I'm glad Jess was there for him and I'm glad I briefed the mom on what to expect with batting cages. He's got a bruised arm and ego, but he'll live.

Tuesday night we took the kids down to my parents' and had dinner out with them. It was very nice. We were home and asleep by 10:30.

Last night Doug and I went out to dinner, something we don't get to do too often by ourselves, and went looking at a new vehicle. For months now, Doug has wanted to replace the truck with something that gets better mileage. He wants a Toyota Rav4... So we stopped at a dealership and looked around the lot. They had two in stock, and both were only 4 cylinders, so he doesn't want those. He wants six. We had fun looking and were home asleep by 9:30. I was incredibly tired. Yesterday work was busy and again I thank God for Amy because she's coming in to help today (love bomb, baby) as we gear up to our most important advertising cycle ever at work. Very stressy. Everything has to be 100% right. And I'm terrified it will not.

So Amy will preview while I check and triple check my work.

Tonight Doug is going to get the kids. I will work until I'm 100% done scheduling and satisfied with the loops and orders and stuff. Then I'll come home and pass out.

Someone got into the dumpster again yesterday while we were at work.

There is broken glass all over our driveway. Those bastards. I don't care if they take stuff, but for cryin' out loud clean up after your trashpickin' selves would ya?

They took the shutters we put in there. We were going to include them in the burnables but there were elevendy layers of what looked like suspiciously leady paint on them, so we pitched them. They took a ton of metal, aluminum and copper stuff -- which is fine by me because they cleared up a ton of room in there.

I didn't call my insurance company to ask about what happens if they get cut on some glass in there. I probably should. With my luck, I'm responsible for their stupidity.

Anyway -- it is now 8:15 and I need more coffee and I need to shower and get ready and go to the bank to buy our entire life's savings in the form of a cashiers check. Freakin' Out!

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