Sunday, April 02, 2006

Friday we offered on the Pink House. We figured we'd give it a shot and let the builder know that we love this house but the lots are too small. That if he builds just one house, not two, we'd pay him MORE than his asking price. Can't tell not knowing, right? Throw it out there. Cast the line out and see what comes back.

At about 9pm we got the response. The guy was really appreciative of our offer but is locked into the plan with two houses. See, he rehabbed this first house and to make money off the deal he'd have to put up at least the one new piece of construction.

But, the town has a legal requirement to make X amount of homes in the town "affordable housing." So if the guy wants to build ONE house, he has to build a second house in the "40B" format. So it has to be two houses or none on the land.

So we can't buy a house that we love because of the government's "affordable housing plan." Nice. He may be stuck for a good long time with this house, is what I'm thinking. Because brokers and perspective buyers all are in agreement that the two house plan is no good.


1774 Kimball house family roomYesterday evening Doug and I decided we'd offer on the 1774 house.

The broker on that listing has been calling our broker to ask how we're doing in our search.

I guess so far we're the most interested party she's had in. Her seller is very very motivated to be out of there, so we threw an offer out there and we'll see what comes back. We offered low, and I think he'll counter. And we'll play tennis again.

My last entry asked if I am cool enough to live in a house like that. Luckily I know people (leighish, my college roomie Bon just to name a few) who know their stuff when it comes to decorating without IKEA. I'll turn to them for guidance. We love this house, and after seeing it the other day we stood there agape staring at the rooms and really absorbing what life would be like there. I think I may be cool enough after all.

And the saying of third time's the charm really applies to our situation. Hopefully it will be said charm. I feel bad about the pink house, but I knew it wasn't going to work. His loss, our opportunity. So, stand by. I hope to have an answer today. Or at least a tennis match that is going on.

Yesterday we continued cleaning out the garage and continued work on the basement. We need another dumpster. There is just so much stuff in the basement that it isn't even funny. We'd not need another dumpster if we could burn materials, but there is a brushfire warning right now and no open burning is allowed. So it has to go into the hopper.

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