Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hair Gel

Humorous anecdote of the day. You will notice, it is 8:30am, so it starts early here and only gets funnier.

I took Geoff to the bus stop this morning and noticed flaky white stuff in his hair. Too young for dandruff, I figured he had shampooed last night and not done a good job rinsing. But then I noticed it was EVERYwhere.

Crud. What the heck. Worried mom reaction goes into overdrive.

I ran my hands through it and smelled him. His hair was stiff, like he'd used hair gel, which he does daily to spike up his Bart Simpsonesque doo. I licked my finger and my tongue instantly dried out, as if all the moisture in my body was drained away.

Uh oh.

"Dude, what did you put in your hair today?" I asked, continuing to sniff my hand knowingly.

"Something in the bathroom on the shelf marked Clear Gel," he responded. "It is dad's hair gel."

"Honey, that is deodorant in your hair. The Speed Stick Clear Gel deodorant Dad doesn't use hair gel. Dad doesn't have enough hair to justify ever trying. You put deodorant in your hair instead of your own hair gel," I was trying not to laugh my ass off.

"No way, I so did not!" he answered angrily.

Another mom came over and sniffed and said "Yup, Speed Stick. Same stuff my husband uses. At least he smells really good!" And both of us roughed his hair up as he leaned forward to release as much white, powdery crap out into the sky and onto the ground as possible.

"Dude, please stick to your OWN hair products in the future. Thanks," I said to him as he sulked towards the bus.

Well, I oughta upload, dress and run. More later from my grumpy corner of the world.

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