Friday, May 26, 2006

Moving Weekend, Part Two

Thanks to the reminder of Mikey, yesterday was indeed Towel Day. And I didn't forget my towel.

Both closings went off okay but not without difficulty. On the first one, the closing attorney made a check out to me and my husband and told us to go to her bank to change it to a bank check for our attorney for the purchase.

I said to her, "but we don't have an account there."

She says, "That's okay. It's a check from my firm and we have an account there. Just go up and say "I need to turn this into a bank check."

Well, you know what happens, right? They, the bank, refused.

The girl starts with "because of the patriot act..." and starts going on and on and on about us not having an account and they don't know us and yadda yadda.

Doug and I are all like "Patriot Act? !!! WTF!?" And they told us that if we open an account with them they can deposit the check and we can get the bank check.

"I can do that at my own bank. Why the heck would I want to do that. My bank will put at two day hold on it, so we can't buy a bank check. Do you guys put a two day hold on the check?"

"Well, yeah! Of course we do."

"So what would be the point in me opening an account with you..."

"Well, due to the Patriot Act..."

Shut up.

I called the closing attorney, she hightailed it to the bank, voided the check, wrote a check for cash, bought a bank check, and we were done. And it was retarded. Patriot Act my ass.

Patriot Act has become the HIPPA excuse for not getting anything done for anyone outside the medical or HR fields. If you work in either of them, you know exactly what a pain in the ass HIPPA can be. So you can relate.

"Well, because of HIPPA I can't..."

As for the check situation, Doug was pissed because it's what the lawyer should have done in the first place... so she only ended up doing her job. But gah.

That out of the way we went to our purchase and it went very smoothly. And we got presents from our mortgage guy and our buyer's broker, and they're very very nice... so. Yay.

We start to move into the new place at 9am today.

The new owner of our house will be here at 8:30am which pisses me off to unimaginable ends because I told him we needed until NOON to finish getting everything out.

What part of noon has 8:30 in the middle of it.

I'll be relieved when this is done and I don't have to deal with him. Jerk couldn't wait until noon. No. He's coming at 8:30, so I told him he's working OUTSIDE of this unit while we finish getting out.

The Livingroom is done, the boy's room is done, the kitchen is just about done. This room, the old Clayton Kitchen, is just about done... I just need to pack up some CDs and the PC here.

Jess' room is the challenge.

She didn't finish packing, and so she's staying home today to help. She's still in bed even though I've yelled at her to get up. Geoff is jealous that she's staying home but to be honest I cannot even consider keeping him here today because he will just be in my way and make me mental. So he's off to school in 1 hour.

The towel for towel day came in very handy at the end of the day. I want to thank Leon and Julie for coming up from the college and helping. I want to thank Carrie for all she did yesterday in the afternoon. Liquor Box runs are always fun.

Our phone is turned off which means the internet is not long behind -- so... I hope to have connectivity tonight. Pictures are in flickr, just a few... but... Never forget your towel.

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