Friday, June 23, 2006

Maybe We'll Name Her Fluffernutter

"And you may ask yourself 'My God! What have I done?!'"
-Talking Heads

Long time readers know that we lost our dog Kinger back in the fall in an accident. He was hit by a car, at the ripe old age of who knows what. He was a good dog. One cannot replace a lost pet with another one... it takes a lot of time, a lot of thought. A lot of consideration. So, after a lot of time, a lot of thought, a lot of consideration, we came to this week. We met with a puppy adoption agency and they introduced a little 11 week old mutt to our dog Jack. Jack loved her. And tonight when I got home from work, we adopted her. And here she is:


She is an 11 week old something mix. One set of paperwork says Boxer cross, another says Border Collie cross. She looks a LOT like Aaron and Michelle's dog Gonzo, but without the Dalmatian spots that he had. She's cute, she fears no Jackdog, Jackdog likes her, and Rick Harris said in his comment on the picture I took earlier this week "You're smitten -- admit it." And he is right. I was smitten from the moment.

Part of me thinks "why do I do these things to myself, I'm not even done unpacking." Another part of me says "it's about time. Jack has been really pining and lonely, and this is just the thing. Just the thing."

Right now my children are downstairs playing with her, wearing her out. She came to us named Gertie, but we're not grooving on the name. I'd like to name her Enid after the Barenaked Ladies song (of COURSE I do. Duh) but not Jane, because I do not need:

Jessie, Geoff, Jack and Jane.

That's just plain stupid, y'all.

And Doug jokingly suggested Jill so we'd have Jack and Jill, but that's just retarded. Jess and I like the name Quinn. Doug said he likes Chan but we all said "um, no." Gordon came up, based on the Steven Page is Having a Baby song, but the guinea pig got that name and too many Gordons isn't healthy. Nobody liked Fluffernutter as a name, even though I know Trace is eating one right this very second and says, with her mouth glued shut "mughff! yefff!"

Your suggestions are welcome. More pictures forthcoming -- once the light is better and we can get her out and playing.

Again, the forecast is for more rain than imaginable. I'm really pissed. I wonder if it is our fault because there are things we need to finish here that we have yet to finish, and God is telling us to stay home and make with the finishing. I'd like to take this dog, whatever her name is, hiking the way we took Jack. The very first geocaching trip we went on was with Jack, the weekend after we got him. No finer way to initiate a dog member of the family.

I am searching the June archives for the photo of Jack when we thought he was a she (heh) on the first geocaching day of June 25, 2002! It is hard to believe that I have been geocaching that long and only have 450 caches to show for my effort when others got over 500 in their first year. Oh well. More astounding is the fact that my first journal entry was June 15, 2001 and I let that date slide in the notings.

Oh well.

There's been a lot going on.

Anyway -- there are other things I want to write about but they can wait. It is getting late, the dogs just went out and "Gertie/Enid/Fluffernutter" just pooped so we're very proud of her. It's hard being 11 weeks old.

I'm gonna get ready for bed and post this. Goodnight all.

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