Sunday, June 04, 2006

Once upon a boxspring

Off of yesterday's list of things I cannot find, cross one off - I found the cub scout uniform shirt. Now I won't have to borrow one from the neighbor whose son is a Webelo already and he switched over to a tan shirt last year. Whew. She was lovely to offer. I'm just relieved to have found it.

Last December, some may recall, Doug and I decided we needed a grown-up bedroom set. We were tired of college leftovers and used mattresses. We went out and got ourselves a really nice, gorgeous set. Ran us a bunch of money.

Now the bureaus have dings in them, and the headboard of the bed has a whack in the leg because we moved ourselves... I'm pissed off enough about that so much so that I could spit on a stranger, but I just gotta let that go.

Yesterday the moving guys came and with great difficulty (but without further damage) they managed to get the bureaus upstairs. Worth every damn penny we spent to have them come, I swear.

Then, it came time for the bed. We have a tempurpedic mattress, and that sucker is squishable so it's easy to cram into stairwells. The cover got dirty, but that's alright. I used a little damp sponge to clear up the dust.

The boxspring was the problem. It is a fraction of an inch too big to fit up either stairwell. So the head mover guy said it needed to be cut.

What the fuh? Cut the boxspring? They said it is the only way to get it upstairs, and, that they do it all the time. All we need to do is buy metal brackets to hold the thing together after the fact. Then, when (ha!) we move again (HA! Never!) all we have to do is unscrew the brackets, fold the thing in half and carry it down the stairs.

Piece of cake.

He proceeded to saw away at our boxspring, and I got nauseous because it ocurred to me that besides a house and a car this bedroom set is the most expensive thing I've EVER bought. And I got woozy.

I had to go out to the back yard in the pouring rain for fresh air...

He got halfway through and realized there was a problem. Normally they cut the bottom and then fold the boxspring in half. But our "boxspring" isn't a boxspring at all. It's a wood platform. No springs. No folding. Tempurpedic mattresses don't really need a boxspring. They require a firm, flat surface with no springy push-back.

So they had to cut this thing clear in half. Two pieces. Independent of one another. Well that made me triple sick to my stomach. But they were halfway done sawing, so I blessed them to continue while Doug fanned my fainting body.

I was really disappointed. But. It got up the stairs, and now we know how this stuff works. It looks semi shitty, so I am buying a bed skirt for the first time in my life. I've never been a bed skirt kinda gal, but I guess I gotta.

And in the end, all the faintingness and nausea were unnecessary. We slept on it last night without bracketing the thing together and it works fine. The pieces don't move, the mattress is heavy as heck (and so are we) so I'm relatively confident that it can just stay the way it is.

I'd still like it bracketed though, just for safety's sake.

Today, it appears that the rain has mostly stopped. I am on a mission to finish unpacking, find the alarm clock, phone and car keys, and make a trip to some sort of homegoods kind of store because we need trash baskets for the bathroom and the like.

So I'm off. On an excursion to New Hampshire to fight traffic and shop until I drop.

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