Sunday, June 25, 2006

She's Puppylicious!

Puppy 062406 6 space alienOkay, so yeah - puppy update. Wow. She's puppylicious I tell ya. She had a decent Friday night with one pee accident in the house and about 5 minutes of yelping in the kennel when we all went to bed. Saturday is a blur of puppy chasing, face fights, tennis balls, more pee accidents and a poop accident (seriously, dogs? When we take you out and you're outside for a half hour, pee and poop outside okay? Gah). I took some cute pictures, she really is cute, and we argued about what she should be named.

We've narrowed it down to Brodie, but Geoff hates it and insists that she be Gertie. So it is three against one here in the house and life is difficult because of it. "If I were adopted would people try and change MY name? No. They'd let me be Geoff." Don't count on it, bub. I bet they'd change it to Harry PainInTheButtski. Guaranteed.

While you're sitting there wondering where the name Brodie comes from, here's how it shakes down. James Brodie is the name of a male character on Homicide: Life On The Streets. Brodie is the A/V filmographer/tech in the Baltimore City Police Department. Yesterday we were watching a H:LOTS marathon and Munch gets mad at Brodie and yells "Thanks a lot, Brodie!" and the way he said it rang true for Doug as he was wiping up puppy piddle. So he yelled 'Thanks a lot, Brodie!' and we all laughed.

Then it dawned on us that over the next few days/weeks/whatever, we may be yelling that a lot at her.

So ... Brodie sticks for the three of us. Now we have to convince Geoff.

Doug initially liked Chan so that when we're outside we can yell "Jackie! Chan! Come inside and get a cookie!" or something like that, and it would be funny. Jo caught it and suggested Sprat as a name so we could yell "Jack! Sprat!"

I wonder if there is a Jack Brodie out there in the world? I should google and find out, right?

Side Note: J.H. Brodie is how his name is credited in a lot of things, and he is played by Max Perlich. Perlich was the "star" of a video by Luscious Jackson, and is friends with the Beastie Boys. He's also been in seen recently in "My Name Is Earl," as Paul, the guy who should have won the lottery scratch ticket but Earl stole his purchase money from him and ended up Karma's Bitch.

Greta is another name that has come up as a suggestion... not sure if C would be sad if named my dog after the one she just had put down. C? Your thoughts/feelings?

The puppy and Jack are getting along well. There is a puppy wrestling match taking place under me right now. She likes to get under a chair and fight with him... so if we're out in the yard she gets under the lawn furniture and then fights Jack. They are grunting and groaning and tails are waving and there is stomping and chomping and it is quite the scene. And now that I'm on the computer it is time for a good fight up here. I can't wait to get pictures of this dog on dog action.

She fetches well, she eats well, she pees outside okay, and boy she is indeed cute. She got me up at 5am today and I couldn't hate her as much as I wanted to. She has been pretty much non-stop since then. Puppy on crank. Jess put her in her kennel in order to go get a shower while we were at home despot and the pup cried and cried... but then took a nap. I hope she sleeps really well tonight.

Speaking of home despot, we went and dropped 500 bucks there today between getting some shelving, a few fans, another AC for downstairs, and a bunch of assorted odds and ends.

The thing we really needed we totally scored on. We were without a bathroom mirror -- the one that was here went with the previous owner when he moved... it was a beautiful mirror from Bombay Company which was black and then hand-detailed in gold and maroon by him. As he put it, he'd leave it but there was too much sweat-equity in it, so he had to have it. It was quite alright -- I would have taken it too if it were me.

We had a limited space requirement (no more than 22" wide) and I kept running into medicine chests that fit the width but no nice mirrors. We can't recess a chest into the wall, so it would have to have been sticking out too far if we just hung it onto the wall and that's stupid. We found a medicine chest that wasn't too deep, and would have worked in the spot, but wouldn't you know it, the display model was the only one there.

While the associate dude was checking to see if there was one out back, we stumbled across a really nice flat mirror, framed in black wood, with a nice Shaker-style look to it. I loved it. And it fit the space perfectly. So we took it instead of the floor model of the medicine chest. I'm so glad we did, and am thinking of going back and getting the matching chest to go up over the toilet on the wall.

Alright... this is quickly becoming a very boring entry. I'll shut up now and go back to chasing a puppy around the house. More later.

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