Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hot Like Wasabi

I thought about taking one last picture of the truck, or at least my BNL and Geocaching ovals on the back bumper, but I just let it go. I let it go... good bye Quimby.

subaru logoDoug found the title with ease yesterday afternoon and we went up to pick up the car once I made it home from work. It rides like a dream, excellent pickup, even for a 4 cyl. car, and it is very quiet inside. So I don't have to turn my phone up to 11 to hear it ring when I am cranking Ben Folds Five or Guster or BNL or Black Crowes or Cake or...

you get the picture.

Last night we drove from the dealership all the way to 93 and then went to Borders to indulge in some book look action. I still have some of the books left over from my spree at the beginning of July so I wasn't in need, but it was still fun to look. We threatened to take Jess clothes shopping at Old Navy (she refuses to wear their stuff) and then came home relaxed, happy, and satisfied with our purchase.

Today I drove to work and then grabbed MB to go get coffee. At lunch, I took my girl C to the Marblehead light where we sat and ate our lunch and looked at the harbor.

It felt good to get out of the office and be able to park in downtown Marblehead for the first time this summer. The truck didn't fit anywhere other than the lot at Crosby's, so it is a nice change.

Tomorrow I'll be driving down to get Geoff from Grandma. I called him to prepare him, so he understands the truck is gone. He is open and receptive to this new vehicle, and I think he'll really like it.

When we were at dinner the other night, Geoff ordered pizza. Normally, the boy just gets mushroom as a topping. He's not big on any other kind of toping. Mushroom is a little weird for most kids, but both of mine a huge fungi fans.

The waitress took his order and he asked for "mushrooms, pepperoni and black olives."

I was stunned -- I nearly fell out of my seat. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to order pepperoni and black olives too.

"Mom," he said in very serious grown-up boy voice, "when one is growing up, one's tastes change and mature. My tastes are changing and maturing. And I am sure I want pepperoni and black olive."

Had someone simply placed a pizza in front of him six months ago he would have SCREAMED about the black olives, and picked the pepperoni off to hand off to the dog.

He has been handling change a lot better, he's able to see positive when something happens that isn't 100% the way he wants it to be. Sometimes... not all the time.

So his openness to the new vehicle, like openness to black olives, is a relief.

He ate all the pizza too. And, he will love the new car. I know he will.

Finally, all our cars have names. You know that, don't you? Follow this link back into the deep archives of (a)musings, when it was the way out inn, and enjoy the thousand dollar car entry. Read past my bit on Sting being a total shill for Windows XP, and how my sister's friend had his picture taken with Aerosmith, and then totally love the history of our cars.

They all have had names. Since I've had this journal, we've had Rudy the Red Saturn, Joy (a little blue chevy 2 door thing that we gave to Aaron and Michelle when we didn't need it anymore), The Doug's Mom's Clone Car, Quimby the Mayor of Trucksville, our VW (which we just call VeeDub) and now this car.

Jess and I talked about it last night. We decided since it was green and was from Japan, we would call the car...


Yes. It is the Wasabi Mobile. And I'm hot like wasabi when I bust rhymes and take exit ramps at 80mph. Yo.

It's a good name.

I had thought about opening it up to the masses and asking your opinions, but we had such a hard time picking a name for the dog and this just came so organically, so quickly, there's no going back.

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