Saturday, August 12, 2006

The morning of absolute chaos

This morning, I had totally forgotten that I promised Geoff that we could have a playdate with his friend Chris from class. Chris and his family moved into our town in March. At the end of last school year, Geoff bemoaned that he would not be seeing his friends for months. I happened to cross paths with Chris' mom, and we picked today.

This morning, Brodie decided she would raid the garbage and ate maxipads and tampons IN MY BED. Which is probably the most disgusting thing ever that a dog can do. Missy did this once, years ago, and I thought I would die. So once again, on the verge of dying, there I am at 8am stripping my bed and thankful beyond all belief our washer and dryer can handle king sized comforters. Gah.

This morning, I walked into Geoff's room, figuring since I was stripping beds and doing wash anyway I may as well do all the beds. I discovered that he had dumped out every single yet-to-be-unpacked box onto his bedroom floor. The floor was covered with books, magnets, ball bearings, tiny little pieces to lego insanity, matchbox cars, more books, some schoolwork from last year, and a million mister potato head pieces. Realizing that we had less than 1/2 hour until his friend showed up to play, I demanded that he help me clean up. In less than 1/2 hour, not only did we clean up, we also put away more than 1/2 of the stuff that was poured out upon the land, and had it all in its appropriate place.

This morning, with about five minutes before the friend and his mom show up, I jump in the shower. I wash my hair. I wash my body and then think "Did I already wash my hair?" Not remembering if I had done so or not, I washed it again. Just to be safe. Sometimes it is a good thing to just be safe.

This morning, I got out of the shower and was half dressed when I heard the dog doorbell ringing. That meant visitors were here at the door. I threw on the rest of my clothing. I ran downstairs to meet not just the mom but all four of her kids. She explained that the oldest wanted to come for a walk, she's 12 and autistic. The boy's older brother by 1 year was a little jealous, and the youngest is 2, and autistic. So they were all here. She was incredibly apologetic, but I was beyond fine with it. It was absolutely fine. And it was great to meet everyone and we had a great visit, all of us together.

This morning, I forgot to brush my hair. And now it is fully dried, and I look like one of the Weird Sisters from the Harry Potter books.

This morning, the mom left with the oldest and youngest of her brood, and left the scheduled playdate boy and his older brother, because all three were playing wonderfully together, and that was fine by me. They are sweet and nice and Geoff is having a great time with them. All three of them have the same learning disabilities, so this morning has been full of me being "on" and paying attention because I know how Geoff is in new places, so two boys in a new place learning and discovering with Geoff at the helm -- Lord help us all.

This morning, I was sitting with Doug in the back yard, talking about the next subject (see below) when I heard crying. "Is that real crying or fake crying?" I called up to the house. I didn't get a response, so I went inside to find one of our guests standing in the kitchen bawling. "Did the other boys hurt you or exclude you from a game, honey?" The answer was no. My house guest decided to come looking for me and opened the side door to the house, the door we usually have closed because it is the one door that isn't part of the fenced in yard. Both of my dogs left. He was devastated, and couldn't find me to tell me what had just happened. The dogs were three houses down the street at the Catholic Priest's house, visiting him as he was weeding his garden. I was able to retrieve both. Boy was consoled and Macaroni and Cheese was suggested for lunch. The perfect diversion. Food.

This morning, Doug decided to paint the garage and shed. Doug purchased a Wagner power painter, and two gallons of paint. He had trouble getting the thing to obey him, and a few hours later, both cans of paint were gone and the garage was painted on one side. Doug reckons the wood hadn't been painted ever, he should have primed it, because it was stained or untreated in the past (which is why we have Carpenter Bees). And now he'll probably need eight more cans of paint to complete the projet. At $43 bucks a gallon. He was pissed.

This morning, after the painting situation was abandoned, Doug decided to mow the lawn. Doug burned his hand on the lawnmower when he was trying to get it to obey him. Doug stood in the kitchen with a huge bottle of vodka taken from the freezer pressed against his palm.

This morning, I am finishing up this entry with a sigh of relaxation and relief. I am meeting K and K's mom and they are coming with me and Jess to go see Guster tonight. It's a girls day out. We're getting pedicures and having an early dinner and then heading into the city to rock out to the mad musical stylin's of Ryan, Adam, Brian the Thundergod and Joe. When I bought these tickets back in... May?... I thought August is soooooo far away. How will I be able to wait that long? But it is here, and now I'm thinking "what the hell happened to my summer?"

This morning, I'm feeling I missed something or got robbed.

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