Sunday, September 24, 2006

Arcade Again

Yesterday it was pouring. Doug was angry because he wanted to do fun outdoor activities. He wanted to drive out to Sturbridge and go the the Village and get some apples and enjoy west central Massachusetts, something we haven't done for a long time. But every time we want to go outside and play it starts to deluge. That has been our summer. That has been our lives.

So we ended up doing some housework, and Doug was cranky and angry. He went to the market and decided after he got back that we should go to Salisbury Beach.

It's pouring out though... I responded. I don't want to go walk the beach in the rain. And Geoff will jump in again. I am not in the mood to deal.

"No, there's more to do there. Let's go." So we left at about 1 and drove the 20 minutes over to the beach. Hardly anyone was there, but the rain had stopped, and we were indeed able to walk around at the beach. There were surfers there, and soon tons of people were showing up to walk the beach and look at the ocean from under the big nightclub that juts out over the beach and into the water. You can walk under the building almost like walking under a boardwalk. In big storms, the ocean comes right up into the street and so this building is protected by being way up high in the air.

We hit the arcade and I think between the four of us we spent probably $50.00, but it was a damn good time. They have too floors, downstairs is the more modern set up with all the virtual reality and ride-on games. And SkeeBall, of course. Upstairs there is air hockey, pool, and all the old school games like Super Mario Brothers, Galaga, Asteroids... And there's a gorgeous view from the second floor.

There weren't too many people there. We were there and a couple other families with little kids were there. Some local teens were there, and one of them started talking to Geoff and I heard him say "gimme a quarter." To whit I got into mother tiger mode and stepped in. He quickly slinked away and my laser eyes burned holes into the back of his ridiculously oversized South Pole sweatshirt.

Jackass. Don't hit my cub up for a quarter. Take your ass home and ask your mamma.

As for the norm, I took a ton and a half of pictures. And I'd do it again. The collection is up in Flickr. Go enjoy.

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