Friday, October 27, 2006

Detention Postponed

Because I know for a fact all y'all are waiting with baited breath for the detention patrol, I thought I'd give you an update tonight.

I talked to Conourtney's mom, and they got a letter stating that her detention is scheduled for 11/11 at 7:30 am. Good thing I talked to her to run this entire plan past her, otherwise I'd be out there in a huge rainstorm by my sorry assed self tomorrow morning at 9:30, and that would be embarassing to say the absolute least.

So we have to wait 2 weeks to do the detention-fest. Now, I wonder if teachers get paid time and a half to proctor a detention on a federal holiday. Even if it is on a Saturday (for those unaware, because you're maybe Canadian or Australian, that's Veteran's Day in the US).

Conourtney's mom said she thinks that they'll throw me out of the school if I even TRY to go sit in detention with her daughter. "You can try it, but I bet you get in more trouble than you can ever imagine knowing these people..."

She's probably right, having had a lot of experience on the high school level with her son. So I'll heed her advice and not show up with a copy of whatever book I'm currently reading in order to plant ass in a seat for 2 hours.

But she loves the welcoming committee party idea and told me she thinks I've officially lost my mind. She said this while laughing at me. Hard. She told me that I do not need to feel responsible for this. But saying it to me and trying to reassure me will not make that little white hot burning coil in the back of my brain go away.

I told her that I do feel guilty, and want to make things right by the kid, and if I can do it in a way that is both socially humiliating AND entertaining at the same time, hells yeah people. I'm there.

Right now, it looks like Conourtney's mom will join us, as will Mrs. The Kayla, and the girls will all be present and we'll welcome her out of her sentence with signs, banners, balloons, wearing prison jumpsuits (heck, it's halloween time, I bet I can find some on after halloween sale!) and we'll make balls & chains out of styrofoam material.

It'll be a freakin' blast and a half I tell you what.

In other news, I have a contractor coming at 8am to look at our back doors off the woodstove room. They are a bona fide heat-sink, and that room is negative eighty on most mornings when the rest of the house is toasty warm .

In fact, I think I need to call a plumber or heating dude because the downstairs rooms which we rarely use are about 80 degrees, while upstairs we're awfully chilly at night. Downstairs front is supposed to be on its own zone, and upstairs bedrooms are on their own zone. I think the zones are in the twilight location, because they sure aren't working as expected or desired.

Geoff came down with a fever on Wednesday and they sent him home from school. He was droopy and sweaty and miserable. And you want to know something sad? He's a pleasure to have around when he isn't feeling good.

Geoff can be ornery or just generally unpleasant most evenings. On Wednesday after I picked him up he politely asked me for tea, a hot fire in the woodstove, and cartoons. Then, he asked me to come join him on the couch and cuddle under the blankets.

It is incredibly sad that I love my son most when he is not feeling his best.

He stayed home with Daddy on Thursday and the two of them watched a lot of cartoons, a lot of Discovery Channel ("I saw this cathedral episode with Mom. A guy has to dive under to put cement under the cathedral so it will stop falling.") and he seemed quite on the mend yesterday and the fever broke so we sent him to school today. Well, it's back. He put himself to bed at about 8 with a temp of 100.6 or so.

I need to go check on him. Wait here.

Jess went to see the Tufts University Beelzebubs tonight. I stayed home because Geoff was not feeling well and Doug wasn't home yet -- and I knew trying to take Geoff could either result in him getting very upset and bored or him being cuddly and sleepy. I didn't want to risk the former. So we stayed in. I'm kicking myself hard for not going. Oh well. Some other time.

They did a very ambitious Guster song -- Ruby Falls -- off of the latest album. They shortened it greatly, but she had an "OH MY GOD!" moment while sitting there, plotzing in her seat while people around her were like "Huh?"

She couldn't wait to get home to tell me. Adam Gardner would be proud of them for taking on the arrangement.

Anyway -- I am off to bed. The boy is okay and sleeping. Jess wants the PC. Doug is watching many a zombie movie on some American Classic Movie channel. He's going to work tomorrow, making up the time he missed staying home with Geoff on Thursday. More later.

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