Saturday, November 11, 2006

Detention Breakfast Disorder

Our detention liberation plans didn't pan out as well as we'd hoped, but we still had a great time. We were headed over to buy a poster so I could make a sign when Conourtney's mom called me to tell me the teacher Detention Breakfast Disorder! (aka 36/365 Christine)let them out 1/2 hour early. Well that just screws EVERYthing up, stupid teacher. Feh.

Bailing on the poster idea, we drove straight to the school and found Conourt sitting outside the building with one other kid. We drove up, Jess, Geoff and I, hooting and hollering and it confused her and made her look at us funny (not to mention the other kid). Then I explained how I was sorry that it was my fault that she got detention and I was making it up to her by taking her out to breakfast.

We headed the next town over to a little diner and had a post-detention breakfast that could not be beat. I think Courtney thinks I'm insane but she appreciates it. And in the end, that is what I wanted.

Well, this is just a short note to let you know we went and did it, and it was appreciated even if it wasn't the Rock Spectacle that I wanted it to be. Sometimes, the lower keyed celebration is just as meaningful as the over the top freakfest.

This afternoon we are heading down to see my parents. It's been a while since we've been for a visit so Doug felt one was due. I gotta get the family organized and out the door. No one seems willing to light a fire under their butts so I better assist.

More later.

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