Monday, November 27, 2006

One Pound

Some of you know that I've been once again attempting to lose weight. I dropped about 13 pounds and got stuck. I always get stuck. Can't get past a certain amount. And it pisses me off. I strayed far and wide away from the diet this week due to thanksgiving. I ate like a gluttonous pig. And I gained not 15 pounds like I'd thought I had. Just one. Now. We're back on the wagon, trying to drop that one plus another five before Christmas, so we can stray wildly again.

Wish me luck.

I'm never good with diets. I get bored of the food and long to eat stuff that makes my taste buds dance with joy.

I have until September to drop some weight. I don't want to be a hugely fat cow for my sister's wedding. I will be fat, for sure -- just don't want to be the fattest I've ever been in my life.

I enjoyed having some time off from the office and things here were good, if not uneventful. Our turkey was done a full hour before we thought it would be done on Thursday afternoon so we found ourselves scrambling to get all the sides and fixin' action ready. Geoff peeled all the potatoes, and then mashed them for me. For the first time ever he was the biggest help in the kitchen I could have ever asked for. The turkey was and is huge. We still have more than half of it and have a bag of turkey in the fridge for sandwiches. I'm officially sick of Turkey.

Doug will probably make a huge turkey soup this week and we'll get rid of it in that format. That is easy to make, easy to freeze in smaller batches, and easy to enjoy when one realizes one needed to go to the grocery store three days ago in order to have something for dinner.

Friday found Amy coming over for a visit, and we played with dogs who ran like freaks. On Saturday Tanager came to visit and she brought us a wreath she had made. We need to hang it on the door. Geoff was very confused as to why any Christmas decorating was happening already, but then got incredibly excited to realize that ... Christmas decorating time is here!

I'm not ready for that either.

Saturday we also went out and bought a 50 dollar oriental rug knock-off from Building 19 for our upstairs (here) office). The chair we have was dragging across the hardwood floor, and when that happened, anyone sitting downstairs felt the legs of the chair rake through their brains. So that had to end. And it did. The rug fits nicely and really quiets things down. I'm sad we didn't buy a bigger one to fill the entire room and really cut down on the noise, but this is good.

Sunday was filled with football. The Steelers sucked and the Pats rose to the ocassion. All told, that was the game of the week for me.

And now it's over and we're back to work. The kids are off and I need to get myself ready to go to the office.

I'm wondering what my commute will be like in a few short minutes what with every soul back to the grind. Last week on the whole the ride in and home was light and fluffy. Oh to have it be that way all the time.

I'm ahead of schedule at work right now, which is always a good feeling. But it is messing with my head knowing that I am scheduling content for the screens for the week of December 10th. And by the end of this week I will be scheduling content for December 16th. Additionally freaky is that I need to keep in mind that I am expiring content for dates in 2007. I'm not ready for 2007.

So not ready. Not sure how you feel about it but. Gah.

I do need to say before I sign off that I'm incredibly proud of Geoff. He spent the entire weekend reading. He has a book report due on December 4th, and the way they set it up for the kids he's know about this book report since October 15th. They give them all the time in the world to pick a book and begin reading it. Geoff picked six different books and started them, and decided that he didn't like them. He went through our book collection and found "Something Wicked This Way Comes," a book I referenced not too long ago here as a book I have read more than once. He liked the cover, and when I told him what the story entailed he settled in to reading it.

Flash forward and Geoff is about 19 pages into the book and not reading at all. He's avoiding, he's finding other things to keep himself busy. He "did" his book report based on the 19 pages he'd read and told me he was done and all set. I had to set him straight. He had to finish the book.

So this weekend, he got up to page 38 by Saturday evening. Sunday morning he woke up, ate breakfast and started reading again.

He's on page 120, out of 212, and I think if he keeps his pace he can finish the book by the end of the week, and at least do the artwork required for the project before the weekend.

He set the bar high for himself and I didn't stop him. It is not an easy book. He is enjoying it, and when I ask him to summarize what has happened so far he's got a grip on the plot and characters. The meaning of the book though, he's probably not going to get. But. He'll be able to complete the project by the deadline and damn if that doesn't just make me smile.

So -- way to go Geoff. Keep up the good reading work, keep up the focus, keep up the pace. You can do it.

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