Monday, January 08, 2007

Seeing is Believing

I called out sick today. I have had a visual migraine for about 7 hours now. it blocks the vision in my right eye. Which is bad because I can sort of see, but can't see to drive, and can't really see out in front of me too far. I have my head turned all the way to the right so my left eye is doing all the work, which makes tyiping easy but not perfect.

I'm sure there will be typos like mad in this entry, and I will return and fix them later when my right eyeball works. For nothing else other than my foolish pride.

It has been a while since I've had a migraine without pain. I've had a couple doozies in the past several months, and I think my major trigger is dehydration.

Saturday I don't think I drank any liquid, aside from the two cups of coffee I had that morning and a gingerale with my (very salty) pizza. Sunday I was parched and drank water like mad but I think the damage was done. and today I am in recovery mode. So I've got my water by my side, and will go lay down on the bed and hope this starts to abate.

Suffice to say, if I can't see I can't drive or play Guitar Hero. Rats. What good is staying home sick if one cannot play video games. Sigh. Oh well. I can see to bring some boxes down to start taking ornaments off of the tree... perhaps that is what I'll do to feel like I've accomplished something today.

It was funny how this one started. I was actually fast asleep and I saw visions under my eyelids. I've written here before how I usually get this frosted glass kind of sensation on my periphery, and this was the same... only I was dreaming while it was happening and so it was a lot like being awake and having it happen. Kind of hard to explain, but when my eyes are open, when I am awake, it creeps in from the sides to block my vision.

It did it to my dream too. I remember saying in my dream that "I think I'm getting a migraine and better go take my medication" to whomever it was I was talking with (dream details often don't stick for me) and then woke up. Or, I should say my very wise Brain woke me up so I could go get to the bathroom and get medicine.

It took me a few seconds to realize where I was. That I wasn't outside in the sunshine talking with a friend. I was in bed and it was dark, and night, and I'd been sleeping.

So I wondered if I was just having a dream about a migraine. I got up and went to the bathroom and looked up at the bathroom wall, and there it was ... the frosted glass. Creeping in.

Kind of cool in a weird stupid way. Thank you, Brain, for waking me up in time to take meds. I think that taking them right then is what prevented the pain part of this one from kicking in. And I like that.

Now I just need to get my vision back.

Project Backdoor is almost complete. Between a death in my contractor's family right after Thanksgiving, and the holidays themselves, this has taken a little longer than I'd hoped. My big wish was that he would get the doors in so we wouldn't freeze to death, and the time that he installed the doors was actually the coldest period of time so far this winter, so we've been lucky.

He came on Friday and installed the awning to stop the water from running down the roof and straight down the wall and doors, which was a big part of the job. There isn't enough space for a gutter, and we had a diverter up there but it just wasn't enough... Unfortunately, now there is water coming down between the awning and the doors, so I'm hoping he will come back today, just to see it. I don't know that he can fix it in the rain, but if he can see it in action that'll be good.

Last week he came and stained the wood trim inside and painted the doors a dark burgundy and they look great. There used to be white doors there, and now they look wicked nice and colonial and dark and pretty. I love the color that Doug picked. It is really beautiful with all the wood in the room.

He laid down the tile for the floor inside the doors. It doesn't cover as big an area as I initially wanted, but he made an executive decision to keep from cutting into the next bit of pine flooring and jigsawing the tiles in. He made a good decision -- It looks awesome and now just needs to be grouted. And then the interior work is done.

The more work he does inside, the more I hate the colors on the walls in the room where there is color and not wood. It is almost a tropical or bermuda kind of teal-ish green, with some pinstripe wallpaper to match on some walls. Meh. I knew I wasn't in love with it when we bought the house, but now I'm totally not in love with it at all in any way, shape or form. Must get out the colonial design book and pick a new color. The background color on this page would be nice, but Doug vetoed it flat out. I think it will end up really dark green. That's okay by me.

Anyway. I guess that is about it. I'm going to go hit the bed. Fold some laundry. Lay back and just rest this brain. Maybe a little more sleep will fix things. And hopefully I won't keep myself a wake writing lists in my head of all the things I could be doing while at home.

Oh -- and I will come back and fix any errors in typing here. I can't quite see, and am amazed I've gotten this far wit han entry today.

Yay me and my blind ass self.

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