Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Big Screen

"I didn't think you could blow my mind, but you did."

I have been ragged on about lack of updates. By my sister, who never updates HER journal. Hello, kettle? This is the pot. You're Black.

I've been a little busy, doing work stuff, and the weekend was pretty weather-wise and we went down the Cape to see Gammy in the nursing home. And then the kids had Monday off of school so I stayed home in the morning and worked on Cateringman's website. It's coming along gorgeously... If I could only get Paypal to work.

If you have any paypal experience, do leave a comment or drop me a line... I could use your help this week getting this all figured out. Paypal is being a bitch to me. And I don't like it.

So yeah, there isn't much to say in the update department. The only momentous thing is that we finally got around to doing something that we were going to do when we moved in.

For Christmas 2005, my company gave us all hand-me-down 42 inch plasma screens. Ours had been kept in storage, and we tried to decide where the best place for it would be. Seeing as Doug is home in the afternoon (after quitting 1/2 his job) Geoff's video game playing right behind his head while he is seeking new employment has become a real pain in his neck. So he decided it was time.

157/365 guitar heroHe set up the 42 inch plasma.

I thought that we were going to clean up the "brown" room and make it a formal living room, with this TV in it... but Doug had other ideas.

He put it in "Geoff's Office," for those of you who have been to visit you know that is the "pink" room. After he set it all up he realized that the playstation2 had 3 little pluggy things to go in, and the TV had only one welcoming little port. So we had video, but no audio. Which didn't stop Geoff from playing. He whined, but played. Weirdo.

Today Doug made the trip to Best Buy and got the whole 3 speaker surround sound thing and the right adapter, and got it all set up. And it rocks beyond all imagination.

The speakers rock our entire building. You can hear it outside. At one point, I actually fretted that someone would call the police on us. Neighbors were probably thinking that Foo Fighters and KISS were performing in our living room.

It was the Rock.

So that is the only real thing to mention that has happened. That and it appears that we have picked a date for Someone's Bridal Shower. Someone who also does not update her blog.

I absolutely will not blog about specific arrangements and specific discussions, as interesting as they are. While it is my blogspace to discuss what I feel, and think, I do not wish to discuss other people's situations without their knowledge or them having the opportunity to counter-point. My sister (the aforementioned Someone) knows about the arrangements, so there is no secret keeping from her. It is just that I know how sometimes something I may write may come off with a tone that is unintended, and I would rather not step on hearts or toes. As one of the wedding participants said to me last night "I do not want to bring Drama to Linda's wedding." Truer words never spoken

There are a couple of things I WILL say though.

1. Long Island is a very big place, and finding a place to have 20-40 people for a shower is not easy. We've opted to not do it at anyone's home due to limited space... I have the room to do it, and I would SO host it, but I'm up here in Massachusetts, which makes travel for the entire wedding party difficult.

2. We have bridesmaids coming from Florida, Las Vegas, and Sweden, which are all the far far away places. Jess and I are coming from Massachusetts, which is easy travel to travel from, and there are two bridesmaids who live on LI. Our maid of honor referred to us as the "International House Of Pancakes Bridal Party" for as far-flung as we all are. And that slayed me. So with all of us all over the globe, we were faced with a small dilemma of how to have a bridal shower if only half the girls can be there? That makes it kind of unfun.

We discovered that the only weekend ALL of us could be in one spot was May 11-13th. So the decision was made to go for that. And I was stoked. All of us able to be there. Sure, the party was early (the wedding is in September), but that was okay. I'd get on the stick about finding a place to do this at. And all would be good.

3. I was all gung-ho about doing it May 12th. And then someone pointed out that it was mother's day weekend. Which meant I was going to probably have a hard time finding a place to host us.

4. That someone was right.

5. Not only is it Mother's Day weekend, it is also Confirmation Weekend for a lot of the 8,000,000 catholics on Long Island. So just about EVERY place I called today is booked solid except for 7pm parties. Nice. Stupid Mother's Day and stupid Catholics Yeah, I said it. You're confirmation is on Sunday during Mass. Don't be hoggin' up all the foodrinkeries on Saturday for the whole damn day! What the hell?! We got some bridal shower fun-ness that we need to be throwing down. Gah. Get out of my way.

6. I did find one place that looks wicked nice and cool that can take us, and now I have to see if Linda and/or the two LI based bridesies or someone can go to the place and check it out for us.

7. I hate being far away.

anyway... We've taken to calling our blushing bride "Linda Bridezilla," by the way. And that is funny because she is so not (really) a Bridezilla. heh. I'm more like Bridesmaidzilla at this point trying to find a place to HAVE the bridal shower. Wheeeeeee! I'm turning psycho! Hardly. I jest.

And the weather is finally not Antarctica Cold. Which puts me in a good mood.

Life is good at our house. I hope it is good at yours.

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