Monday, June 11, 2007

Birthday Bridal Shower

My daughter is 15 today. That really freaks me out. I never thought I'd be a parent in the first place, much less to someone as wonderful as Jess. I've said it a million times before -- she's a gem. I adore her. And I'm the luckiest mom that I know. Happy Birthday Jess!

We're waiting for Doug to get back with her birthday meal of choice. We asked her where she wanted to go out to eat and she said she wanted Sal's Pizza brought to her. With a bottle of coke.

A child of simple pleasures I guess. It's not like we don't GET Sal's pizza like every couple of weeks. I kind of wanted to go out because I don't feel like cleaning up, and for her birthday I can't really MAKE her do the dishes. That's just plain shady. I could leave them to tomorrow morning and then say "Hey Jess, do the dishes before heading out to school, thanks!" But that would be equally shady.

Damn. Guess I'm doing the dishes. More on the birthday after some Bridal Shower news.

Last week turned into a blur of me working as much as possible to be comfortable taking Friday off and then me taking Friday off to drive to NY for my sister's bridal shower.

She's getting married in September, you know.

Anyway -- We initially planned the shower in late May when Jennie could be here from Sweden. But there was a change of plans, and we pushed the shower back to this weekend, but didn't want to go too deep into the summer when everyone is busy 90% of the time... That's why it was now instead of closer to the actual date. And to be honest, I'm glad because I feel like I need a couple of months to recuperate from the event.

table settingFor weeks now I've made invitations, centerpieces, gone to AC Moore and been aghast at their stocking situation (ie: Nothing Is In Stock. Ever).

I learned a lesson -- if you say "I'll buy a couple of these and see how they work out, then come back and get more later..." Don't do it! You'll be boned. Know that it will work out and buy the entire pantload full stock of whatever that crap crafty crap stuff is, and keep the extra.

Stupid starfish. Out of stock since April 28th, my ass. They're just lazy jerkbuckets at AC Moore. And I hate them and their lack of shelf stocking skills.

Friday evening we got to Linda's and then we went out to Mexican for dinner. There was a karaoke thing going on and let me tell you, some people just shouldn't try to sing hip hop or R&B if they are drunk and caucasian.

Just watching these three girls standing in front of the screen with the mic in hand and their mouths hanging open because they can't figure out when to sing, or what it means when the words change color... that was sad, pathetic and funny all at once.

None of us sang karaoke, but we had fun reading the songbook. They didn't have any Guster, but they did have "Kyle's Mom is a Bitch" from South Park.

There was this much older couple there... he did Sinatra and blew the roof off the joint. Loved him. Everyone loved him. At the end of the night I wanted to go back inside and thank him for doing it right.

Ginger and Michelle stayed up late with Jess peeling stickers to put on the favors. Late meaning incredibly stupid late. At 7am Saturday my alarm went off and I found myself at PathMark looking for printer paper and some other little things that we needed. I got to the restaurant at about 10:15 am to set up and the girls all came shortly thereafter.

Jess and I had made the centerpieces here at home and planted live flowers in them on Friday morning. Unfortunately, we discovered that the hot glue from the glue gun doesn't like getting wet... and several of the glued on gems fell off after we watered the plants. D'oh. Jess did emergency touch-up Saturday morning, and I was thankful I brought the gun after thinking "why will I even NEED the glue gun at all once we get there..."

bride and groomMistakes were made (here's a free tip -- if you're exhausted, DO NOT try to make a word scramble. You'll be boned. You'll leave letters out or put too many letters in, and your family will think you are retahded). But even though there was last minute gluing and messed up word searches, there was someone I love using the heel of her pump to pound a nail into the wall so I could hang something up, and I got horrible blisters on the backs of my feet and ripped my shirt on some ragged metal mesh of a patio chair, the party was flat out awesome. The hanging out with everyone was awesome. I had so much fun, and I know Linda did too.

We got back to Linda's house and she went through her "wishing well" gifts. There's a story there and I'll have to save it for tomorrow. Because I'm almost as tired as I was when we got to relaxing on Saturday night. I fell asleep at 7pm on the chaise, and woke up at 1am. I went back to sleep and stayed that way until about 8:30am. That was some serious sleep. We all slept like death descended upon the house... and got up Sunday morning and ate left overs. Especially the potatoes.

All the photos are here, if you want to see them. And you know you do.

And as mentioned earlier, there is more to tell on the birthday girl.

My sister wanted to take Jess shopping at this store called Utopia near her house. It is kind of like a low-scale Hot Topic. Punk without being all "Hai, Im in ur mall, bein all commershul" and whatnot. Real punk instead of Paris Hilton Might Wear This and Make It Popular Punk. It has a headshop section and an adult section, but most of it is swords and jewelry and punk t-shirts and whatnot.

Jess picked out a ring and it was 10 dollars. My sister encouraged her to pick out something else. I suggested a toe ring. She likes my sister's... so she picked one out. She thought she was done, and thanked her auntie... but auntie wanted to spend more on her. This was weird to Jess.

She is at once a teenager, and not greedy. She is at once humble and gracious, and not at all "gimme gimme" when someone offers to get her something. So with coaxing, she picked out some sneakers (army camo, vans style). She picked out two celtic necklaces. And she was starting to feel uncomfortable, I could tell. So that was the end of that.

Auntie got off easy -- I spent $200 on a new digital camera for the girl. The one I bought off of Amy for her got the lens jammed and it won't open. So she's been using my 1.3mpxl Sony Cybershot that I got for Christmas in 1999 (Virginia -- remember the pictures that were ON the camera when I got it? The item had been returned to the store and the people who bought it didn't erase their photos. They were scary people...)

So now she has a 7.2mpxl Sony. And it was all I could do to keep myself in check and not upgrade my 6.x camera to a Nikon D40 or something. Gah. I have camera envy when I am on flickr checking out my contacts and their cool shots.

Anyway -- Jess is stylie now with her camera, her camo shoes, her Celtic necklaces and her toe ring. It's good to be 15 I guess.

And there are more tales to tell. I will have to save them for tomorrow. I am way beat and it isn't the 11th anymore. So ... more later.

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