Saturday, June 16, 2007

School's Out

The kids finished up school this week. Geoff had a half day on Thursday that ended the year, and Jess had one final that same morning and was done. Today is only the Saturday of summer vacation, and Geoff is languishing behind me on the floor whining that he has "nothing to do" and that "summer sucks and it is so boring..." Are you KIDDING me?

i am boredHe wants to go to the movies and go to camp and go to play bowling. And I'm trying to tell him that sometimes in life, having nothing to do is a good thing, a nice thing, something to be relished and enjoyed. Enjoy it fer chrissake.

I wish I had a summer off and all my mom asked me to do was pick the clean laundry up off the floor that I dumped out of my basket while looking for my favorite shirt.

The thing is, he's pissing me off. And I shouldn't wake up at 8am and be pissed at my kid. But he just won't stop. I can't make summer camp start today. I am not taking him bowling at 9am on a Saturday... he's 10 for the love of Pete. At age 10, kids create fun. It shouldn't be mommy's responsibility to create fun for a boy his age.

Part of me fears that it will be a long, long summer.

Doug is angry.

Our neighbors moved out a few weeks ago, but the dad is here constantly moving more stuff out and cleaning up. I guess the house is going on the market, but I haven't seen a sign yet, and there is still a ton of stuff over there and nothing is really progressing.

He came over to me the a week or so ago asking if we would loan him the lawnmower so he could mow the lawn. He had sold his lawnmower because they moved into an apartment and he didn't need it anymore.

"I will gas it up and sharpen the blade for you," he said.

Dude -- that's okay. "You don't need to sharpen the blade, it'll be fine. Gas is good because you've got a lot to mow, but don't sweat the sharpening."

We'll he borrowed it. He gassed it up. And he "sharpened" the blade. Sharpened it to flat. You can't cut melted butter with this blade. Doug mowed the lawn on Sunday last week and thought that maybe the grass was wet or something because he got the impression that the blade wasn't cutting the grass but just pushing it over. This morning he gets out there to cut it again, and sure enough... it is really just pushing it over.

He flipped the mower over to check out the blade and it is as dull as a Republican presidential debate (heh. I'm scoring off the republicans. I bet you didn't expect that!) Now he is mad as a hatter, and has to replace the blade because he doesn't think it can ever, EVER be sharpened again.

Yikes. I think this is the last time Doug will allow me to volunteer his stuff to anyone for use... Blast my kind and generous heart I guess.

Doug's Aunt called us at about 10:30pm last night while we were in bed sleeping. Y'all know my "the phone better not ring after 9pm philosophy," and luckily Jess didn't pick up and then bring me the phone because I would have been all "oh HELL no you're not calling me this late."

I called her back this morning -- She's up in Portland Maine at a conference. She wanted to check in and let us know she was close by. She flew in, so she doesn't have a car, which means if we are expected to see her, we will be driving. Hmm.

Tomorrow I had plans to show BunkoSquad around the upper Merrimack Valley for his Project 351... essentially, his goal is to take at least one photo in every one of the 351 incorporated towns in the state of Massachusetts. And I'm all about helping with something THAT cool. I was going to take him all through this area -- ending up in Salisbury where we could play arcade games and eat fried dough.

That plan may be put on hold. Sigh.

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