Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Book of Should Be Doing

We kind of burned the weekend. We burned the weekend and this week just swept past me. Every day I said, "What just happened? Where'd the day go?" as I collapsed into bed. Not for nothing, summer is a busy time around here and it kind of sucks.

Anyway... This weekend Brodie got her 1 year puppy checkup and a round of shots. I can't believe we've had her for a year already. Feels a lot longer. And Gonzo has been with us since September, which is sneaking up faster than I would like to admit.

Pets are fun, but like with the kids it is kind of weird to see them growing and changing and evolving so much.

Speaking of kids, as you are aware if you read my last entry... Jess has been working for the past couple of weeks in a teen intensive program for Rebel Shakespeare.

If you live in the Boston area, and you want to make the trip, one week from tonight they have a show at 6pm, and then another one on Saturday the 21st at 6pm. Email me for details and I'll let you know where. I do believe it is free, and it is in a lovely place.

When I picked her up today, I asked her how things went, as is my wont. Usually she answers "it was okay..." and then she regales me with tales of fairy whimsy and theatrical merriment and things that rhyme with corn (long story).

Today, she announced "I got to wear my Asshead today!"

I almost crashed the car. It instantly reminded me of Marge Simpson asking Bart what he learned about in Sunday School and he starts talking about Hell and Damn. They yell at him, saying those are not nice words and he shouldn't say them...but it was true. He learned about Hell and Damn. So Marge is all concerned about the appropriateness of what he's being taught.

I felt the same way for a split second. But I had to die laughing, because it isn't every day that your daughter tells you she wore an Asshead. Nice.

And she does get to wear an Asshead. Because of that whole Donkey thing. Very funny. Good stuff. Shakespeare at his finest. Wonderful play. You've gotta love it.

My inlaws are coming up from Pennsylvania and are bringing our niece with them. My roommate from college is coming, bringing her little girl... and I'm hoping to hook them both up with some fairy regalia to wear while they are watching the show. The thought of how adorable they will be brings tears to my eyes.

And my mom and sister are coming up too -- everyone will get to see Jess rock the role of Bottome, and I cannot wait.

Yes. I am living vicariously through my daughter. Nothing wrong with that now, is there?

Geoff has been attending camp for two weeks and is all tan and blonde. He's looking all summertime and every day I come home he smells like sunscreen and and chlorine. I want to get him a haircut, but all his blondeness is tremendous and I don't want to get rid of it. I am jealous of his wonderful summer good looks and his lifestyle.

And I guess that's it... I've got some work to do for Cateringman that I've been putting off, so I ought to get to that. Top it off with the fact that I've got a nasty sty developing and I am having a hard time keeping my face turned this way with my eye open. Best use the time to do what I need to do to prevent getting yelled at.

Oh -- and I signed up for Facebook. Find me and friend me. Go ahead. Wheeeeeeee!

more later...

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