Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Bottome Doth Ache!

What a difference 24 hours make, and what a play I was able to witness last night! Because I know you are all just simply dying to know how it went. You are out of bed early, crack of dawn even. You haven't even put coffee on yet... you jumped on the interneck to see what happened! Well. Here is your report.

RSC-AMSND Friday 30The day was perfect. The setting sun a little much on the eyes as we sat watching the play but that is my only complaint and it's over and out of the way with immediately. All of the actors were perfectly cast -- the lovers were hysterical, the fairies perfect... Peter Quince and his rustics were unbelievable...

... and yes. Jessica stole the show.

They decided to set the play in Ireland. They had a bagpiper playing in the distance (the parking lot!) and the costumes were kind of turn of the century-ish looking, kind of. Although some of it could have been the 1960s instead of the 1920s with the fairies running about.

Jess came out with both barrels blazing during her scenes. Because it was set in Ireland, she did this kind of strange accent thing, where she sounded like Eric Cartman and Groundskeeper Willie if they'd had a baby together. When they did their play within a play, her Pyramus is over-acted to the Nth degree times a million. Along with the absolutely hysterical performance served up by the guy who played Thisbe/Flute, people simply had tears running down their cheeks at their mutual death scene.

And when she wore her ass head and had Titania in love with her, it was the best. Click here to see my favorite picture of the night, thanks to Peter Wood and his mad skill.

The fight scene between Helena and Hermia was almost like a Jerry Springer episode. It was perfectly executed with comedic violence. The only thing missing was a bald security guard with a clipboard and headset stepping in to grab the girls apart, and the requisite "beep" censoring noise over swear words. Lysander and Demetrius were very funny, a lot of good physical comedy between the two as they fawn all over Helena. Helena was a riot, crawling around in her dress was difficult and it made everyone laugh...

I wasn't at all happy with how my pictures came out. I borrowed the really nice camera from my office but it only has a 16mb card in it, so that meant I only got about 30 pictures on a lower resolution, and ran out of space on the card right around intermission. I had left my nikon with Doug so he could take pictures of Elyse at the ocean (she's only been to it once and she doesn't remember it...) so I was kicking myself and pouting for most of the second half... when I wasn't laughing hysterically and Thisbe kissing a brick wall and losing his pink hat and wig.

The aforementioned Peter and Becky, with the lovely and vivacious Catherine, were there last night and sat with me. Catherine was very entertaining, like a play within the audience... and I had a lot of fun with her. E and Ooma were there with Tiger and Bunny, but they didn't stay long... at least they got to see a little of Jess in action.

Tonight we get to bring all of Jess' grandparents and her niece and my sister and it'll hopefully be a great time for everyone. Bonnie and Chloe may come, and who knows who else may be there. I know I will!

In the meantime, until after tonight... here are my not so excellent pictures and a link to Peter Wood's excellent and unbelievable gallery, which has some incredibly good shots of all the characters in the play. He really had a great angle and caught some memorable moments, not just of Jess but of everyone.

Jess and I watched the gallery on slideshow, full screen, and sat here squeeeeeling with laughter. I haven't seen her this happy and laughing in a long long long time. Not that she's surly and sad or depressed or anything... it's just that ... this was happiness.

Thanks again for the photos, Peter.

I'll be sad when this is over because ... well, they're just that good. I overheard two of the girls talking and saying "It is so sad, that tomorrow this will be over and it is just so good and I am loving it so much." Like Geoff when he finished his project and presentation on Saturn last year, it is a let down... and I can feel that for them too.

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