Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Queen of Procrastination

It's hot out, so I don't feel like being outside. The "coolzone" in the house is just barely cool... and I have to venture out into the world and just do not want to.

Geoff needs some school clothes. Jess wants to go to the Rebel Shakespeare Love's Labours Lost play at 5pm. It might thunder. And I'm feeling as wilted as my garden.

But venture out we must... right after I procrastinate long enough to do an entry here.


Yesterday's scrimmage went really well. Geoff is a tank, a brick wall. It is obvious he's been trained to do one thing and do it well over these past 3 weeks... when the ball snaps, stand up and block that kid right in front of you and do not let him pass.

19 out of 20 times he did it perfectly.

Several times he was up against a kid where it looked like he was making absolutely no effort to do anything ... his hands were straight out, he stood his ground, and the other kid worked like mad to break the block. A few other times he was up against someone rather smaller than he was who grabbed him around the waist and tried to pull him down or throw him aside so as to break through and run. Geoff isn't easy to throw down. The kid did it a few times... but Geoff figured it out, grabbed him back and chucked him down or landed on top of him.

I'd say that's a little effective defense...

The one thing he doesn't do is when the play is beyond him, behind him, and the running down the field is taking place, he doesn't pursue. He just turns around and stands there... watching from the line of scrimmage.

I think he doesn't see the point. He waits until the play is whistled dead and then moseys up to the new line of scrimmage to take his place.

Not sure if he's right or wrong... we'll see what the coach says.

Some of my favorite things were watching the coaches from both our team and the opposing team line the boys up, yelling instructions, positioning them for the plays. It was like they were playing chess... or Wizard Chess almost for you Harry Potter fans.They'd grab the kids by the back of the shirt and push and pull them into position. A few times someone would yell "wait a minute! Wait a minute!" and rush in to move his boys around.

There were some really good receptions, there were some amazing blocks. There were mistakes and boys yelled at each other. One boy on the opposing team yelled at one of his teammates and we couldn't understand what he was yelling, because he had his mouthguard in. He was pissed, though. And the boy on the receiving end was shamed and muttered "I know! I know!" repeatedly while getting a dress down.

It was fun to have a special visitor come hang out with us yesterday. I'd told my friend C that we'd be where we were, and her office is right nearby... and I knew she'd be heading in there to work so I invited her to come with. And she did. And it was nice. And we had fun... watching football and chatting. It was also fun to watch my husband watching not just Geoff but all the other kids. It warmed me. Deeply. I had a very fun time at our first scrimmage.

Because everything took place really early in the day, there was a nice breeze and the heat didn't get a chance to bake the boys. All told, it was a good morning.

I spent the afternoon getting my hair permed. I haven't had a perm since ... oh... before Jess was born, I think? Maybe? Not sure. I've been meaning to do it, and wanted to do it months ago, but we just didn't have the time for me to go sit four hours somewhere. The perm is cool, but totally accentuates the huge skunk stripe of silvery grey hair I have where my part is. So I'm going to go back on September 1 and get that adjusted.

One of my big reasons for letting things go with my hair is I hate the maintenance and upkeep that is involved in stuff like this. I HATE spending money on such vain pursuits. I know my hair will look nice, will look better... but I'm not a big American Beauty Industry slave. I don't wear makeup. I don't get my nails done. I spend as little time as possible messing with my hair and skin. I think it is almost criminal the amount of money women spend on stuff like this when they are just fine the way they are.

I'm a huge advocate of naturally existing. Be as you are-ness. So I feel like a sellout when I think about what I'm about to do and how the upkeep every six weeks to hide the roots is going to bear on my soul.


Anyway -- I am doing it, and it will be done, and I have my reasons... and we'll see how it goes.

Long and the short of it though, the woman who did my hair is hysterical and loves me and I'm glad I picked her. So that's a plus. Jess came with me and they sat and talked for hours about England and Germany and school and Shakespeare, and it was fun to listen to. We were her only customers that afternoon, and it was a nice girls' moment out.

Later in the day, at about 6pm, Doug suggested we grab a couple of beers and take the dogs swimming. It was so hot and they swam like mad, and we sat and talked for an hour and a half. The dogs were happy to be swimming and I was happy to throw the biggest stick as far as I could for them. We had a delicious supper and I think I was alseep by 9:30pm.

Now, Jess is off to a birthday party, Geoff needs his sneakers, and I'm ... here. Best shut up and get moving. More later.

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