Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Scrimmage

This'll probably be a short entry with an update later in the afternoon. Geoff has a scrimmage this morning and has to be at the field in Newburyport at 8:30. He isn't even up yet, even though Doug is doing his darnedest to rouse him.

Today, Geoff is not a morning person. Most of the time though, ... well. He's up before everyone and pumped to go. I thought for certain he'd be up at like 6am, and would be haunting me for his uniform at 6:03. I put it in the wash last night and now the pants are in the dryer and the mesh shirt is hanging in front of a fan. It was really filthy. Thank God for bleach.

I'm not sure why he's so tired today. He was asleep at 10 on the couch in the livingroom where the air conditioner was on, so he got a good night's sleep. I hope this isn't indicative of how he'll play today. He's rather sluggish. And one cannot be sluggish on the field.

His practices seem to be going well, he comes home happy and not whining that it is too hard and he wants to quit. He is taking care of his uniform and belongings. He's figured out where all the pads go, and how to get everything on each day without assistance from mom and dad... so the lad is thriving.

I should go get my pants on and figure out what to feed him for breakfast. And check the pants in the dryer. I just wanted to toss out an update because I haven't in a week. It was a long and busy week. I stayed at work usually until at least 5:30 each day, coming home to see the last half hour of Geoff's practices... then make dinner, then go pretty much straight to bed. Then get up in the morning and do it again. I would love to be sleeping until noon today... but ... it's football season. And I hear the boy waking.

It's on now... Let's go!

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