Monday, August 13, 2007

Shuffle off to Buffalo

Doug packed up and left for his conference this morning. And let me tell you, there's nothing that gets me out of bed faster in the morning than a bloodcurdling scream.

After telling me he was on his way out, the alarm went off and I hit snooze. He went and checked his email... and started down the stairs.



What are you kidding me???!!! I jump out of bed and go running downstairs. Doug had hit his head on the beam at the foot of the stairs. Smacked his forehead right into it. That's never happened before, in over a year of us being in this house.

We can't figure out why, but Jess contends that the beam is dipping. She has bumped her head a few times going up and down. She's taller than Doug so it was apparent to her sooner than it was to him, and for me to notice, being 5 inches shorter than Doug, I guess it would have to be falling down all the way, crushing me in my descent.

It's not really a beam there. Well, there is a beam in there but it is encased in some wood to make it look beamier and nicer. The beam must look a mess I guess, otherwise why case it in? But upon inspection, the wood has slipped down some, and needs a bit of adjusting.

Doug got out the door with no further head injuries, and I was up for the day a full hour before I really needed to be.

On that note, I've now squandered the morning. My computer has been acting flaky, telling me that I have windows run time errors and that my virtual memory paging file is corrupt. So I'm a little nervous. Everyone I know in the past few weeks has had major PC problems. Cross your fingers that I'm not the next. I need to buy a DVD to burn and backup everything on the system tonight. Just as a precaution...

More later. I have to get Geoff over to our friend's house. He is going to a water park today. I hope the clouds burn off. I have to find his sunscreen. Doug shaved his head last night and he'll burn like the devil now that that glorious mop of blonde is gone.

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