Sunday, August 12, 2007

To London to Visit the Queen

So I started an entry at the beginning of the week about what I think about the Harry Potter finale. I have to finish writing it, but instead of torturing my three regular readers and making you wonder if I've run off to bloody Ibiza or something, I figured an update was due.

I'm working on a small web project for cateringman's brother. I'm working on a print project for him, which I need to have finished and ready to go to the printer in a week. That should happen without fail. The one problem is, I don't have enough good visual images for his brochures... and I axed him to get a photographer to do some shots and ... well. I still don't have visuals, suffice to say.

This past week was a blur. Last thing I remember was taking the dogs for a long walk in the woods on Sunday afternoon, watching them swim for hours, getting lost, and finding trail beer for third time. We sometimes find abandoned cans of beer that either are orphaned at the site of a wild party and bonfire ("Dude, I swear we had more beer... I can't find it! I'm drunk and it's dark and ... oh well.") or casualties of an ATV driver riding too fast and he spills his load of cans all over the trail, not to realize until he's long gone. We once found a can that was still cold. That was great because we were super lost and wandering for what seemed like hours in the hot hot heat... so a cold refreshing beer split two was was like manna from heaven, I tells ya.

Other than that, my life has been drive kids here and there, and go to work. We're in a groove that lasts this week, and then changes the week after.

Jess continues to go to Shakespeare Camp... they're doing King Lear this time, and she is The Fool. It should be an excellent production. They're setting it in New York City at some kind of Corporate Megalopolis instead of a Kingdom in England... so it'll be like an Enron/Megarich company falls apart kind of scene instead of a castle. I think it is a pretty cool setting.

The play runs this weekend on Saturday and Sunday at 5pm... if you're interested in coming. Email me or leave a comment and I'll get back to you and tell you where the performance is.

Continuing on the Shakespeare newsfront, the program announced that they are taking 20 kids, ages 13 - 18, to London this April. Jess is going to go. We're not 100% sure how we're going to do it. The cost is about $2000 and airfare will probably be an additional $600. I'm looking to see if it is feasible to set up a paypal donation thing, to offset some of the costs. I figure... I've never begged before but hey... no better time to start.

This is a huge opportunity for her, imagine this on her CV. I thought just participating in the program would look the balls, but ... going to England to work with the Royal Shakespeare Company for a week? Going to the Globe? To Stratford on Avon? To ... everywhere? It makes me cry and makes me want to be 15. Where was this program when I was fifteen (oh yeah, the founder was 15 too and hadn't built it yet. Of course!).

Jess talked to one of the girls who went last year and she had one on one time with Sir Ian McKellen and got to talk with him about his experience with Shakespeare. Jess said that if she had the opportunity to talk with Sir Ian, she wouldn't gush about how wonderful he was as Gandalf. She'd say "I loved you on The Simpsons when you played Mr. Macbeth."


Anyway -- combined with her trip to Germany in June, I guess she'll be an expensive charge for a few months. But... when I think about the gift she gave me in not begging to do horseback riding lessons or dance lessons or any sort of extra curricular activities when she was in elementary school, she deserves a little extra at this point now that she has found her "niche" as it were.

Geoff starts football on Wednesday. He's got his gear, his uniform, his mouth guard and water bottle. He's got his cleats. He's running every day for about a mile, which is cool. He's constantly talking about exercise and eating better, which is nice. He's in a mindset that hopefully will work for him, and I am hoping this program will be good for him. They have practice three days a week, and I found out they're practicing right around the corner from our house, so he'll be able to get over there easily because I can just ask our neighbor to give him a lift over, and then go there from work instead of having to leave at 4pm each day to get home in time to get him over there. We are thankful for small blessings in life. I honestly didn't know how I was going to manage this schedule with work...

Doug is going to Niagara Falls this week for a conference and workshop thing and I am ragingly jealous. Not because he gets to sit in a dark conference room looking at a power point presentation on Medicare or something, but because he gets to go to a hotel and be away from life and work and stuff.

I want to go and just hang out in a hotel pool or walk around Clifton Hill or Buffalo or something while he's sitting in a conference room looking at a power point presentation.

Or, hang out with him in the evening and go look at the falls and eat out and stuff. We were going to take the kids with and just go for the three days, but this particular week doesn't work because it is Jess' last week of camp and the performances are this weekend, and then Geoff's got football.

So he gets to fly solo.

I hope he has a nice time without us for a change.

On that note -- I think we're going hiking. More later.

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