Saturday, October 11, 2008

leaf peeping, babies, and zombies

Today was our college homecoming. I don't think we've gone to homecoming since before I was pregnant with Geoffrey, which would be like 1996 or 1995. We tend to stay away. Not because we don't like our alma mater. It's just way too insanely crowded, and thanks to the power of the Internet, I'm in touch with a lot of people I want to be in touch with. Thank you Al Gore, inventor.

dogs on trailSo today, Doug decided we should go leaf peep. We started quoting this newer TV show the kids are into called "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack," when one character tells Flapjack they're going peeping, and Flapjack says "But you said peepin' was wrong!!!"

If peepin' is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

We ended up driving out to Ashby MA, to the Willard Brook State Forest. We've been out here millions of times over the years, from before kids to changing a baby on the hood of the car in the parking area ... it's a beautiful place. There was a lot more fall color around out house than there was in Ashby, which was weird. We had the dogs with us, and decided to let them out to take a run. We ended up taking a MUCH longer hike than we intended, and now I'm sore head to toe. I am so out of shape.

But -- it was so beautiful and amazing. I'm glad we got out of there before sunset. We didn't bring any warm clothing, or the backpack (because we weren't supposed to be out there that long!) but I had visions in my mind of us being way off trail and lost and hating life overnight with three hungry dogs and a very cold, cranky me mixed in.

We drove up into Keene NH, drove over to Peterborough, and surrounds. We accidentally discovered Pickety Place deep deep deep in the woods (they didn't look open so we left), and Parker's Maple Barn. On these way deep inna woods dirt roads, there are these two places, buried way back in the leaves. Dude. If we were dog free I would have liked to have had dinner at Parker's. I saw them profiled on Phantom Gourmet and it looked good!

It was a good day out. Fun. Pretty. Not quite peak leaves but gives me hope for this time two weeks from now. Horray for fall. My favorite season.

HannahIn other news...

My girl C had a baby.

The baby, Hannah, came on Monday of this week and she is amazing and beautiful, and my girl C is amazing and beautiful. I'm really happy for her.

She'll be out on maternity for a while and already I'm feeling her absence. I miss her coming into the office I share with Tammy and saying "What up, bitches?" and flopping her pregnant ass down in the chair for a visit. I will miss her. I'll miss playing practical jokes on her (we got her good twice in a couple months... and she didn't cotton to it, so that made us laugh harder. Tammy and I are indeed bitches).

But she's got this beautiful little baby, and I'm really happy for her and Jamie. I feel like just yesterday was her wedding, but it was so much longer ago. Tempus, it fugits.

Gretchen and I took lunch on Thursday and went to the hospital for a visit. Of course, camera was in hand. There are a pantload of pictures if you're at all interested in looking at smooshy newborn cuteness. Go visit and see.

Welcome to the World, Hannah. Nice to meet you and I look forward to many years of your amazing cuteness, evolving and changing and becoming even more cute. Welcome. And God bless you, kiddo.

Topsfield Fair 2008The Topsfield Fair is running in our neighboring town.

We normally wouldn't go because of the cost, but we know people who do the bee house... and who are all around amazing folk. They gave us a couple passes, and some free ride tickets for Geoff. I took a pantload of pictures. Thank you Kathy. You rule.

I wanted to get there with more light, but I'm happy to say my new camera does an amazing job in low light... so my night photography abilities just skyrocketed. The photo set is here if you wanna go see.

Geoff got to ride a pantload of rides and I got some fried dough, and that, my friends, was all I wanted. A happy boy and a face full of fried dough. Mmmmm. Yay.

2008 Zombie Walk - Salem MA and 100 strangers, - #8And finally, last Sunday afternoon Jess and I joined up with Henry and Mia, and we went to the First Annual Salem Massachusetts Zombie March.

The announcement on the website said that the gathering would begin at 2pm at Collins Cove, where there would be Zombie games like kickball and frisbee and stuff, and the march would commence to downtown Salem at 4pm.

We arrived at around 3pm, and there were about 20 zombies, and just about as many people standing around, gawking.

I approached some people and a guy said "oh great. More photographers." So I asked who the organizer was, because I'd emailed back and forth. I figured out quickly the organizer was the poor gent who bemoaned the fact I was there without zombie gear on but with my camera in hand. I wanted to buy a T-shirt to support the cause, because the city insisted he pay for a police detail... and I didn't think that a couple of zombies would really NEED a freaking police detail.

I don't like it when small organizers get the shakedown from The Man, know what I mean?

So he smiled and shook my hand, sold me the t-shirt and we had fun watching zombie kickball and taking tons of pictures. I got a couple zombies to reenact a scene from Romeo and Juliet, seeing as we were at a playground and it was Salem and all... it brought back some good memories from the summer, and they were willing to play along.

I noticed, if nothing else, no one there was unwilling to be photographed. If you're going to make a public spectacle of yourself, your willingness to have someone take your picture is usually high. Most everyone there didn't roll an eye (in or out of socket) or object if I asked.

2008 Zombie Walk - Salem MAI also joined into the fun and took some fake blood and poured it all over my face and shirt, because I'm nothing if not a joiner. I figured, hey... I won't just be a gawker. I'll get into the fun. I didn't come prepared, but luckily someone had plenty of fake homemade blood and I was able to "borrow" some for the occasion.

The march was to begin at 4pm, and at about 3:45, zombies and zombie resistance fighters were filing in from all over the place.

There was a zombie bride and zombie banana. Zombie soldiers and zombie hippies. Zombie hoboes and businessmen. There was a whole freaking zombie family... I would guestimate there were 300 zombies there by 4:15pm. The organizer didn't get things marching (or shuffling or stumbling, whatever it is that zombies actually do) until almost 4:30. Mia had to get home by like 5, so we marched with the zombies to Salem Common and then turned around and went back to the car.

I was suddenly rather self conscious about my fake blood being all over my face and sweatshirt. Surrounded by other blood coated undead beasties I felt rather comfortable. Walking around with just Jess, Mia and Henry, well... I felt like an ass.

A good time was had by all, I do believe. I hope they do it again next year.

Right then. If you want to see all the zombie photos, and trust me -- there are some good ones... click here.

On that note, jeeesh it's late. My parents are coming up in the morning for Geoff's football game. I have to get up and tidy and stuff because all this running around with the undead and looking at babies and leaves has made me rather not here to clean. So that must take place in the morning.

More later.

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