Friday, March 06, 2009


Lucky me. A week or so ago, my sister told me that she was shipping me a box. Turns out, she got me a laptop. A bona fide laptop. That's kind of awesome.

I spent two days setting up the wireless router that Amy had given me, thank you Amy! I'm not sure that I know how to make it unusable by anyone other than me... but I got it all set up and now I rule the universe.

I'm sitting in my livingroom right now while anyone else is on the PC upstairs. I'm watching Sarah Connor and Dollhouse while blogging. I'm working on webpages, I'm making slideshows for cateringman. I'm having status update arguments with my daughter. It's all good in the hood. I'm rather happy.

I've always wanted a laptop, just because it makes it so much easier to get things done. My kids aren't fighting with me, the PC isn't held hostage by Spore. I am getting so much done. Feels good. And maybe now I have no excuse for not blogging. Right?

Anyway. Things are quiet and good. There isn't much going on. Jess' play is coming up, and we're looking forward to that getting over with. I'm still not sure if my inlaws are coming up. I keep asking Doug to give them a call and he keeps forgetting. I will need to know so I can like ... clean?

Tomorrow morning Geoff has a Boy Scout Bowl-a-rama and I'm the coordinator. We have 6 kids participating, and I'm hoping it isn't painfully horrible. I also need to run and get milk in the morning, because with no coffee my head is going to explode.

What else... oh -- Doug secured a part time two day a week job for the next 13 weeks, and in two days he makes what I bring home in 5. Which is great. I feel like we're finally not going to drown, but we haven't done our taxes yet so I think that we could end up losing like a pantload of that incoming money on April 15th. Pfth. Stupid taxes.

Anyway, I don't have much else for you kids. I'm going to go goof around on twitter (@amusings_clg) and face book, while watching TV. In my livingroom. Whee. Oh -- and for your viewing pleasure, I give you Captain Dynamic. Episode one includes the quote at the top of the page. I haven't watched Episode 2 yet... Enjoy.

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