Sunday, April 05, 2009


Today is the first day it has felt like Spring yet. We went out to do some gardening and discovered our island meadow area that we started last year (remember the island meadow?) is One Giant Huge Unbelievable Bee's Nest. Huge. Giant. Pulsating. Horrifying.

And they're on the opposite side of the driveway too, which means they're expanding their colony to the fenced in yard area where the dogs live and play. Nice.

So we quickly retreated to the house and have to devise a plan. The gardening will have to wait. Maybe gonna have to call Vexcon and get weird Billy to come up here and exterminate some bees. Or something.

I got ahold of one of the scouting families, who happen to be beekeepers. Dad and one of the sons came over to check out what was going on before we start torching the land and spraying chemicals and napalm and screaming at the top of our lungs around the yard..

He said they are solitary bees, but why we have 10,000 of them is beyond him.

His son gathered up a few bees so they can go and make an identification. He said most likely that we shouldn't obliterate them because they're good pollinators, and people kill too many bees when they aren't a threat to them. Unless they become a danger or hazard to us or our property, we should leave them go to do their thing.

They might be really good for the meadow. And perhaps, that's why they're there. We had a couple of them last year, but nothing to this scale. Seriously... there are millions of them out there. dude.

These don't seem to have stingers, and didn't try to kill us as we stood out there chatting for over a half hour, so they're not a danger to us. We'll see what happens. I'm less terrified than I was at 1pm this afternoon when we discovered them. Hopefully they're all planning on flying away to be solitary bees and won't continue to live as Beeopolis for much longer.

And on that note, I've been sick for the better part of a week and the housework has suffered. Jess has tried to keep up with the dishes, but nothing else has gotten done. So I'm going to get up on it. More later.

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