Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Done And On to the Next One

Hey. Summer finally showed up and the heat is on. We had a very below average, cold, horrible and rainy July, and August has started up with the 90s right off the bat. I'm sort of dreading the Twelfth Night tour because of the heat. I'm sure it will be okay though. What's 10 shows? The kids are tough. The new kids will hopefully love it, and ... your humble tour director is looking forward to what may come.

Jess got cast as Maria (found out it is pronounced "mah-REYE-ah" much to our confusion and the fact I've only ever READ the play and there is no written out "this is how it is pronounced" bit) and she's happy with her role. She read for Olivia, and I think she would have been actually well cast as her. I would have liked to have seen it. But she's got the comedian role again and she does that quite well. I think this is her last play with this group because she graduates in June of next year, and she had a blast with Hamlet, and is really looking forward to Twelfth Night. I'm so glad she's happy. I just wish she'd catch up with her summer work.

Geoff and Doug went to Boy Scout Camp, and they returned alive, tan and rested. Doug said Geoff did a pretty good job and was one of the least troublesome and messy kids there. He got 2 out of 3 of the merit badges he set out to do. He didn't quite get all of the tasks done. He has to score a certain amount of points on a certain amount of arrows, and he didn't get ... close. At the beginning of the week he couldn't hit the side of the planet. By Friday he was getting 4 of 5 arrows ON the target. He even hit one bullseye. Quite by accident I'm sure. But there was a lot of celebrating afterwards.

He's at my parents' now, spending some quality time with them. I have two more weeks of summer for him to be entertained through and am not sure what to do with him. Hmmm.

This weekend, Jess and I are going to Long Island to attend my family reunion. The last one was in 2005, and we took a whole huge family vacation out to Pennsylvania after doing the reunion. My parents are bringing Geoff down to Long Island on Thursday and then Jess and I will join on Saturday. Doug can't get out of work, having just taken the week off. So we'll go without him. I'm looking forward to my cousin coming out from Oregon, haven't seen him since we were young teens. Thanks to the power of Facebook, my cousin Debbie found him and now we're one big happy family again. Grownups, but still kids in a lot of ways.

I'm looking forward to Debbie's new tiki bar, and Geoff is looking forward to the pool.

Anyway. Not much else to report. I'm so boring lately, aren't I?

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