Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things are getting done

Today I spent the better part of the full day taking care of business for Jess going to college. I haven't gotten anything from her that I need, like information about when she is supposed to BE there for instance. She's been uncommunicative with me. It is frustrating. Doug is sympathetic to her (which to me is odd because I'm the sympathetic one) and feels that she is just not dealing with the transition well.

So I finally got her to give me the login info to the payment account thing, and I find that we were supposed to set up a payment plan in May. There are things she is supposed to do, but she has not done.

Did I say that a week from this Saturday we get in the car to drive her to school?


Anyway -- I ended up on the phone today to the University, asking questions and making progress. I called MEFA to see if we can get a student loan for her. We were counting on there being some resolution to Doug's grandmother's estate by this point but that hasn't happened. So I need to come up with 13,000 dollars by next week. We have 7,000 in her 529 plan and I think we will leave it there, and just borrow the first year's money while the other stuff (like grandma's estate etc...) gets settled.

Again, did I mention, like 10 days from now we're there.


So I got things ironed out, figured out, applied for, documents signed, and I guess we are like 90% solid. Unless we get declined for the loan.

All I know is the first semester has to be paid in full by September 17th.

I'm only completely overwhelmed. And I sit here overwhelmed and I think about other people who are in worse situations and I feel guilty about my inactions and inabilities to deal with things. I think of Keri and Anya. I think about people who are sick and healing. I think about people who got laid off from their jobs 2 years before me who are still without work and have lost their homes and are at a total loss for what to do.

The fact is, I can fix things and do things and if I need to lean on my daughter to GET what I need to make sure things go smoothly, perhaps I should think to do so sooner. Instead of 10 days before she has to be there.


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