Monday, July 08, 2002

Beer, Birthday, Geocaching, Return

I'm about to go out to the car to pack out all the laundry, the pillow cases on the pillows, and anything else that smells like ass, and drag it down to the basement. Before I do I just thought I'd say hi, because some of you have hit the journal 10 times today looking for an update. Damn, you are so cute and loyal! My readership averaged 10 hits a day during my time off, and today it is already up to 48 hits, not including my own two. So thanks for checking in to see if we are back.

In short, it was a great time. Team Screamapillar did four Geocache trips, one of which I skipped to spend time with Michelle doing Girl Things like grocery shopping and showering at the hot showers near the Blackwoods Camp grounds. All four geocaches were successful. One was hard, basically because it was 95 degrees and unhealthy air and uphill the whole way. We earned that one.

Aaron turned 28 on Saturday and we had a 1/4 keg with a great acquisition story behind it, which I will regale you with later (is it regale? is that how to spell that shit?).

We met many wicked cool dogs... Peanut, Sophie and Harvey at the camp, Zeus at the swimmin' hole.

Gonzo, A&M's dog got out and killed one of Farmer Matt's chickens... the blame squarely on all our shoulders for lots of reasons but Geoff bore the punishment for thinking it'd be a good idea and lots of fun to walk Gonz up there to visit the chickens. Never trust the five year old to watch the chicken chasing hound. Many lessons learned.

Farmer Matt was forgiving. Good Karma all around. I still feel sad though. But I digress.

farmer matt raises the foamy fifth cup of beer from the Sam Adams fountain,
the night before the "chicken incident"....

We drank lots of beer, roasted weenies, grilled chicken and sausage, met hippie farm kids who were all really cool, sat in front of a fire which raged wonderfully while a thunderstorm raged behind us about a mile away. It was amazing. Stars on one side of the sky, lightning on the other.

All told -- great trip. Very tired. More later. Glad to be home. I have a meeting tomorrow with the college professor, and am working for catering man on Wednesday. And, we have to get this ceiling project done between now and a week from today. So all told, life should be busy the next couple days. But I'll be sure to fill you in on good details, and show you lots of pictures. In the meantime, here's one for ya. Aaron built an outhouse behind the cabin, way back... worked his literal, metaphorical and proverbial asses ALL off totally to get it done. He finished right before we got there.

Here's Aaron and Michelle raising their PBRs in a can at the ribbon cutting ceremony outside the door to the shithouse. Notice Geoff in the middle there. He is getting ready to drop trou and break the thing in. Waste ye no time Geoff! Get the party started! Great job Aaron. We enjoyed stinking up your poophouse.

Alright. Gotta get to work, feed family. More later.

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