Monday, September 06, 2010


Labor Day Weekend, and we didn't go anywhere, didn't go camping, didn't do much. We took two nice hiking trips locally. Doug and I are trying to get back on the trails. We have discovered that the hiking trips take quite a toll on Jack. Last night I had to carry his back end up the stairs because he got halfway up and lost his strength, slid down on his belly the whole way to the bottom.

It reminds me of Kinger and what we went through with him. I will be calling the vet tomorrow and talking about medication options for Jack for arthritis. Medicine gave Kinger a lot of good months before we lost him (car hit him, if you recall).

We got yardwork and cleaning doe, and Geoff wanted to bake. We doubled what we usually do for chocolate chip cookies so we can ship a box out to Jess tomorrow. We also made peanut butter browies, which I didn't think were going to work but they came out great.

My kitchen looks like a bomb went off in it, but there is a lot of yummy baked goods in there now too, so it is a nice trade off.

Now that Geoff is back in school I need to get the push on to getting a job. I also have to be a better house keeper up in here. I've got no excuses. I've been re-reading all of the 2002 entries when I was laid off and I did the same thing then as I do now -- nothing.

I really want to go camping. I kind of am getting stir-crazy from being unemployed. I also am missing Jess a lot. Maybe I'll go camping in Pittsburgh.

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