Friday, October 29, 2010


So many of you know about my friend Keri. You know that for five years now she's been trying to adopt the sister of the girl she adopted. I've written a lot about her situation and how I find it frustrating and overwhelmingly wrong. In the process of bringing the old blog over here, I don't want to link to all the entries because all those entries are going to go away shortly, so I'll be back here editing as I post those so future readers can read them.

Since she was denied entry to the USA by our State Department in December of 2009, we've been trying to get the government to reverse their decision, let her come here for a visit.


Time is passing - time is wasting, and Keri feared for Anya's life. Keri packed up her daughter and went to Siberia in September to keep Anya stable and safe. She plans on staying there through the beginning of December.

I've been passionate about helping and supporting her, because I think what she is doing is lifesaving work. In addition to trying to help Anya, she has been making regular trips to the Orphanage out of which she adopted Nastia. She has been bringing them books and toys, making special 3 hour one way trips over to them to spend time. She is also teaching Shakespeare at a school near their apartment, to non-orphan "regular" town kids who are in love with her. They'll be doing scenes and monologues, not a full play. So she's giving them a great overview of Shakespeare. It's like Rebel East. All the way East.

It's hard for her being in Siberia. It's hard for Nastia because her 18th birthday AND her favorite holiday, Halloween, are both being spent there and they are clearly NOT the same as being home here.

If you're already a reader of her blog, you know the stories. If you're not -- go ahead over and follow. She's homesick, she's sad, she's filled with joy and hope and despair and frustration. Think about what it would be for you if you packed up and left to go 3/4 of the way around the planet to try and make a difference. And go over there and give her some love.

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