Sunday, June 18, 2006

All I gots to say is ...

Michael and Jon throw a wicked good party. Hells Yeah.

menu congratulationsI don't think I've been hung over for an incredibly long time. Probably since one of the New Years Eve parties with Aaron and Michelle a couple years back. I'm just now slowly climbing out of my funk, thanks to some good strong coffee, lots of water and vitamins, and a quiet cool morning on the couch watching Spongebob with my son.

So last night we went to Michael and Jon's wedding. It was a very small, beautiful, sweet and loving ceremony. After the ceremony we retired to a nice room for the reception. The staff at Grill 23 kept my wine glass very full all night. Those bastards! I'm paying for it now. Voof. Michael's brother and Jon's friend Jocelyn were drop-dead, crazy-assed funny and my sides are killing me from laughing. After about elevendy bottles of wine at our table, we realized that we were the Silly Table. The Silly Loud Table. Or, as Doug and I refer to it "Table 10."

Every wedding has a Table 10. The name comes from my cousin Deb's wedding back in 1987. All of their college friends got Silly Loud and took to the dance floor with the table number on the metal stick thingie waving over their heads yelling "Table 10 Rules!" and such.

So whenever we go to a wedding, we're always on the lookout for Table 10. I don't think we've ever been Table 10 though. Jocelyn told us that she is always Table 10, so I guess if we hadn't been with her we may not have gotten so silly, I may not have had so much wine, and my sides wouldn't hurt so hard from laughing. Oy.

I had a rip-roaring good time, and we are honored to have been invited to such an intimate gathering. I know they have a million billion good friends they could have invited, and to have been asked to witness, support and participate means more to me than I could have ever imagined.

For those interested, there is a flickr set for you to go view. Enjoy.

Thanks guys.

So I'm sitting at work on Friday and my cell rings. It is 92.5 The River, letting me know that I won two tickets to go on a booze cruise tomorrow night with Guster.

Yeah. I freaked out. I'm pretty psyched.

Friday was also the Fishing Derby for Cub Scouts. It was a near catastrophe for us, and once again we are in debt to Mr. Kayla's Dad for helping us out. He was there with Jake, and par for the course we ended up standing by him. He brought two rods with him, and we ended up using one when Geoff ran out of line.

See, Geoff had been practicing casting in the yard on Thursday when he got tangled in the trees. He wasted a good amount of line, but I thought there was plenty there for him to have for the actual fishing portion of things. Seriously, how much line do you actually need? There is a million miles of line on a reel.

I guess I misjudged the amount of line he wasted because Doug cast out for him (waded out to thigh-high water again this year because of the height of the water level due to the rain) and the line was ... gone.

We were toast. Doug was bullshit, Geoff devastated. So Mr. Kayla's Dad gave us one of his rods.

I think I owe him a million favors or a Best Buy gift card so he can treat himself to media toys of his choice.

Geoff wasn't catching anything. Last year I bought shiners and worms, and the shiners were working out great so I thought I'd just do the same this year. The fish in the pond turned their noses up at the shiners, and so we finally resorted to the worms.

unhappy fisherboyBy the time we switched, Geoff was pretty frustrated with the process. Between getting yelled at for wasting his line, needing to borrow a pole from someone, and no fish biting, he was down in the mouth.

No amount of coaxing and support from Doug or me would make him feel better about fishing. He was DONE fishing forever. You all know how Geoff gets (especially if you know him well) when he gets into these places. He perseverates on the topic, he is immovable in opinion, he is a rock of stubborn anger.

The derby is sponsored by our insurance agent, Jim Andrews. Jim is an older guy, very passionate about fishing and a very kind, gentle man. He heard Geoff being upset and came over to talk to him and try and cheer him up.

look right thereHe took Geoff out into the water with him and gave him his sunglasses. He told Geoff they were special fish-spying sunglasses, and had Geoff really look at the water to know where to cast. Geoff bought it, hook, line and sinker to use an appropriate phrase to the occasion. He said he could see the fish with the sunglasses, and Jim had him cast out again.

Geoff caught one. With five minutes left to go in the derby. It's the kind of thing that you wouldn't have believed if you weren't just standing there watching. It was a fish tale. For sure. There was a lot of joy all around. Jake and Thane were cheering him on, Mr. Kayla's dad was psyched. Doug and I were amazed. How awesome is that. Jim went to get the measuring board while Geoff reeled in.

Jim took the fish off the line and had Geoff hold the board. We saw it was about 8 and a half inches, and that was a pretty darn good size because Jake had been hitting fish at about 7 inches.

And then, before I could take a picture of Geoff and Jim with the fish, there was this slow motion jumble of action -- and Jim dropped the fish.

Geoff, Jim and I all reached for it, but with two quick flops that sucker got away. Geoff was angry and said it didn't count, but Jim said it did because he is the judge and he decides what counts and what doesn't. So he had Geoff hold up the measuring board and he pointed to the length for me...

And I got a picture of the one that got away. How's that for a fish story.

the one that got away was this big

Happy Father's Day to all you pops out there. Especially to Peter who is celebrating his first with little wee Catherine. Make sure you scroll down to the shot where he has on his "I'm blogging this" t-shirt on, and baby has on her "Daddy's blogging this" onesie on. Heh. Nice. And to Germany France (ha!), who is celebrating his first father's day this year, seeing as the boy will be 1 in July.

And on this Father's Day I can't help but be sad again and think of Steve and Ginger. It's been a year since they lost Gracie, and it feels like just yesterday. He'll always be the big daddy in my mind though. I hope he gets the chance again. I hope that the hurt I feel (which is tiny compared to theirs) will lessen, but the memory will always remain. I wish him a healing day. A day where something good comes around to him and he's able to cherish that.

I know that people just don't know what to do or say on holidays like this when someone has lost their child. So all I can say is that I love you guys... and always will. And by remembering that you were dad and mom I hope it honors her. That's all I can say.

Well, as I just went to upload this I discovered our server is down so I'll try again later. If anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to blog it. Like my husband told Jocelyn yesterday my blogging is a disease.

Jerk. (heh).

Happy Father's Day, Douglas!

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