Monday, December 11, 2006

Boobscan, Backdoor, Guster

Get in line if you want to bitch at me about not updating. Without much further ado or apology, here's the skinny on what has happened since we last spoke. You can hear the voice over man saying "Previously, on (a)musings" and we flash back to the multitude film montage of recent happenings.

As you probably can guess, we've been unbearably busy over here. And a lot of monkey wine (and llama wine, and emu wine, and penguin wine and kangaroo wine) has been consumed by your happy author and her spouse. So much so that I'm sick of wine and will be drinking iced tea until further notice. Meh.

To update from my last entry, my boobscan came back all negative like, so there is no fear there. I hope it stays that way, and thank you ladies and gents for making me laugh in the comments. Regular check ups are in my future, and I'm sure other parts of my body will be checked up on as a close family member was recently diagnosed with cancer in every nook and cranny of her reproductive system, from ovaries to uterus to cervix. My second family member to have such diseases... so I'm sure a lower body check up will be scheduled before the summer.

If you pray, and I know you do (some if not most) please lift Carole for me. She really needs the spirit of healing, the hand of God, and lots of mojo.

I've been Christmas shopping and have pretty much everything I need to get for everyone except Doug and his 3 year old nephew. Seeing as I have to ship the gift to the nephew and niece (via his sister and her husband), I'd best get on that. Last year I waited until last minute and the shipping to guarantee it getting there by Christmas was the same amount as what I spent on the gifts themselves. Seeing as the kids are wee little, they probably won't care about whether or not auntie and uncle got the gifts there on time... they would have been just as thrilled if they got to open more presents later in the week. But I have this skewed sense that everything has to be done by the 24th. That way you and your monkey wine can just kick back and enjoy the tree and lights.

This year I want to have everything shipped by next weekend. I feel I've got plenty of time. Watch me start panicking after the 17th.

Doug's parents shipped up a box of ornaments that belong to Doug. I haven't looked at them. I bet they are highly fragile... and I may want to put them away until the children and dogs don't live here anymore.

Wall-lessI just hung some Christmas lights in the woodstove room, where we spend the vast majority of our time. It looks kickass. Four strings of 100 lights each makes for a happy site.

Now all we need is our tree, which we'll get next weekend.

We haven't gotten the tree yet because we are having the doors replaced on the back side of the woodstove room. We knew when we bought the house that the things needed to go, and so they're in process. For you home improvement lovers, I'll talk about what's being done in length later.

Speaking of lights, all of ours were in the way back of our garage from the day of the move. The two boxes of Christmas decorations were moved over the night before we actually moved, and with the help of Carrie (My Other Girl C) and her big white truck.

Or maybe it was the morning of the move. I forget already.

Anyway -- I realized with great sadness that the two boxes were buried behind all the stuff that we still needed to sort through. All the stuff that should be up in the attic but hadn't made it up there yet.

So in order to access the Christmas things, I emptied the entire damn garage. And my children carried everything to the attic.

This is a very very good reason to have children, all of you sitting on the fence and wondering if you should procreate or eschew fecundity.

When you are old and 40 and your back hurts from tugging on the 800 pound camp kitchen that your friend Aaron left at your house three or four years ago along with the 90,000 pounds of other stuff that you accumulated that your husband didn't want to throw away before the big move, it's good to have two very able bodied children to schlep the crapola up the two flights of stairs. They earned all that they will receive from Santa, all in that one day.

Wonderfully now, our garage is fairly empty. And the attic is fairly full. That's the way it should be... it's good to have this major project out of the way. Now if we could just go buy the couch and set up the front formal living room the way we want it, life would be extra good.

The Onion - our gift to mikey!My Girl C from the office and I wrote and laid out a terrificOnion parody for our friend Mike. You need to click on the picture and then view the full-sized version to fully appreciate how awesomely funny it is.

I am a huge Onion fan, and we were talking about last year's holiday party and recalling how funny this incident was. Mike ended up with a girly gift (bought by Courtney) so we thought it would be hysterical if he would be mad this year if he got a crappy gift.

And then the story wrote itself.

Go read -- you know you want to.

We printed it out and then mocked up a very official looking FedEx label making it look as if The Onion offices was mailing him something. We even spelled the name of our company wrong (everyone always leaves the "e" out of our name, so we followed suit...). At first, he was a bit baffled, but he opened it and loved it. To see his reaction, click here.

This past weekend we got to go celebrate Carrie (see big white truck reference above) otherwise known as My Other Girl C (not to take away from My Girl C in the office) and her wonderful birthday. Her M and sister R rented a limo and invited us, E&J and DS (not knowing if they want their names mentioned I fall back on the initials). We went with champagne and brie down to Boston to PF Chang's for dinner.

I got to sit with DS and talk about his involvement with the Playomatics in the recent Boston 48 hour film project events, among other things. Specifically I was able to gush to him about how much I loved their 2004 entry where he uttered the phrase that gives us today's title. It was wonderful to see him. It's been far too long.

We then made our way, stuffed to the gills, across town to Mike's Pastry in the North End for cake and cake. Seriously. Chocolate cake and Strawberry whipped cream cake. Cake and cake. And the cake and cake was delightful. And My Other Girl C was ready to explode with joy.

I've not been to Mike's in many years, so it was fun to go. And the place was mobbed. The entire North End was one great big huge mess with 98,000 people per square inch. But we managed to get out of the limo, get into the cake, and get back in the limo and have a great time while millions of other people were standing there looking lost and hungry in line. Ha! Good times.

Friday night, I was sorely SORELY tempted to go to Boston to wait out in the cold for hours for the opportunity to hear 4 or 5 songs by Guster, live and in person. First Act guitar studios hosted them, and in small waves of about 100 people they let folks into the building to hear short sets by the band.

The cold was a deciding factor for me. I knew that Geoff would want to go, and I would want to take him so he could see his huge heroes live and in person. But I want to take him to an official show, not a four song set.

God decided for me -- I ended up with a catastrophic migraine that landed me in bed at about 7pm when they took the stage.

But seriously -- we missed out totally. Adam is over his pneumonia, everyone was in great spirits. From the discussion going on at the boards the crowd wasn't nearly as huge as I'd anticipated it would be (the cold may have been a factor) and everyone who waited got to get in to see the boys. In any case, someone videotaped most of the set they were in for.

And this is a little taste of what we missed:

Jesus on the Radio, performed live in Boston 12/8/06
video by armwriting

Well that's pretty much it. There's other stuff that I'd love to talk about if I could only remember. I should blog more regularly, then I wouldn't forget what I wanted to talk about. Right?Anyway -- more later, and I will promise to you it won't be a 10 day break. For those of you who care.

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