Saturday, January 06, 2007


"You can obfuscate, you can figure skate. But it's only at you're own expense..."
-Barenaked Ladies
Kurt Browning's Gotta Skate
version of "Easy"

So, at the very last reasonable moment, we decided we'd throw a birthday party for Geoff. On Wednesday I sent out a couple of e-mails to three or four boys that he wanted to have come over. We picked what we'd be getting for him (it's a secret, because he's right behind me, so I'll have to tell you later... okay, he's gone so I can tell you it is Guitar Hero versions I and II, with a wireless "guitar" control. Is it for him or is it really for me and Doug? Hmmmmmm.... Anyway... )

Doug is out buying the gift right now. My kitchen and downstairs bathroom and livingroom are spotless. Jess is cleaning the study right now (thank you Jess) and I'm going to clean the bathroom and Geoff's room next. I just needed to take a breather. Four straight hours of cleaning and no video games, blogging or flickrsurfing really wear me out, dude! I hate doing this.

I cannot believe how dirty my house gets in a two week period of time, especially when I think I'm right up on top of it.

Right before Christmas I did this big huge cleaning up. That was only two weekends ago. And now it looks as if nothing was done. Not a dang blasted thing. Nada.

I think I may have to hire an illegal alien cleaning service to do this for me once a week.


Last night I could have gotten a jumpstart on cleaning and organizing, but Doug decided we needed to go out for Indian food, so we did. And it was very good, and I'm incredibly glad we went.

can i lick the spoon and serving dish pleaseThe chicken tandoori was the best I've ever had, and Kashmiri Rogan Josh delectable. I could go for some more of that right now.

The kids had a great time watching the guys in the kitchen make Nan and Tandoori, and Jess took a bunch of pictures.

Geoff's reaction to the Nan puffing up on the burner was priceless. All the waiters and the guys in the kitchen had a good laugh.

I was fast asleep by about 8:30pm.

Anyway. There are boys coming at 5pm and we're not quite ready, so I need to get back at it. I promise a substantial entry outlining the boy's 10th birthday.

Ten? Really? Oh man.

And that's about it. More later. Ten? ... gah.

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