Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 day song challenge - Day Eight

Day 8 - A song you know all the words to
"Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys

IIIIIIIIII can't stand it! I know you planned it!

Yeah, boyeeeeeeee! I love me some Beastie Boys. All day every day. From the Old Skool to the now, I find their mysoginistic Jewish Brooklyn White Boy Rap to be insufferably addictive and I love them. Love love love.

I'm not a huge Rap and R&B fan. I've found that I know a lot of songs by heart, every single word. But knowing all the words to a song that has a LOT of words is kind of impressive.

My back up choices for this category/topic were "Blinded by the Light" by Springsteen and "American Pie" by Don McLean. More impressive songs with lots and lots of words.

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