Saturday, February 12, 2011

30 day song challenge - Day Five

Day 5 - A song that makes you think of someone
"Heartache Tonight" by The Eagles

This was a challenge not because of having to find a song that makes me think of someone, but narrowing it down to only one song that I wanted to use. I have about 99 million songs that I could have picked from, or so... but this one has a fun story with it. At least, I think it is a fun story.

I chose "Heartache Tonight" because it brings me back to the summers between school years in Huntington, NY about twenty five years or so ago. My friend Rob would come pick my "doesn't have a license ass" up and we would drive all over the town, go to Burger King, consume adult beverages on hills outside castle like estates and on private beaches. He would often have his dad's Nimitz Class sized station wagon, fondly refered to as "The Ajax Mobile." That thing could haul 20 ne'er do well high school aged nincompoops, so it was a great vehicle to have access to.

One particular night, "Heartache Tonight" came on the radio and Rob, being ever so funny, started to alternate between the horn and brakes on Main Street in the middle of town with "Beep, Stomp, BeepBeep, Stomp. Beep, Stomp, BeepBeep, Stomp" and we were ROARING laughing. I believe that was also the night we put trash into a mailbox in town and "special delivery" was born.

I've atoned for that sin, so don't judge the 16 year old me, please.

So anytime I hear that song, it is all Beep, Stomp, BeepBeep, Stomp in my head. Good times.

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