Sunday, February 27, 2011

30 day song challenge - Day Nineteen

Day 19 - A Song From Your Favorite Album
"Jesus on the Radio" by Guster, off the album "Keep It Together"

It is so hard to pick a "favorite album." I love a lot of albums. "Gordon" or "Rock Spectacle" by BNL rank high on the list. "Born to Run" by Mr. Springsteen. "And You And I" by Yes. There are brilliant Dylan albums, genius masterworks by Rush... All of the first three U2 albums...

"Keep it Together" is my favorite Guster album. The songs off of it never bore me. I absolutely love. From the radio hits to the epic "Come Downstairs And Say Hello," I love listening to this recording.

I was going to pick CDASH because there is a nice video online of the song from Austin City Limits, but I picked this one because of the nice live recording feel from the record store in Boston where it was shot in 2006. I have met a lot of fellow "Gusterrhoids" over the years, and Alex, the owner of this video, has shot lots of different videos over the years. I've had the pleasure of sitting at shows with these fellow fans, so this nice little homemade video makes me think of all the fun times I've had with my friends.

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