Monday, February 14, 2011

30 day song challenge - Day Six

Day 6 - A song that reminds you of a place
In God's Country - U2

In 2001, Doug and I took the kids to Arizona and Utah. "The Joshua Tree" was the soundtrack to our journey through "the super desert" as Geoff lovingly called it.

Right now, I have a horrible sore throat, and I'm very tired. Otherwise I'd write a real entry about this song. But suffice to say, I would love right now to be in July heat in the Escalante Range, with a cold beer in my hand, a campsite behind me, and happy little kids running around in the sand and dust, climbing the rocks and loving it. This winter has beaten me down. And this song makes me long for summer and Arizona and Utah.


  1. sore throat is not a lot of fun its just uncomfortable and difficult to swallow.

    usually, i would take the Nim Jiom Cough Syrup ( ) which has a thick consistency formulation. it coats the throat and includes herbs that are particularly good for that application.

    i hope it works on you as well.

  2. thanks jane, i'll look into that.
    for me, a little ibuprofen and a LOT of hot tea with lemon goes a long way! but i'll look into nim jiom for sure.

  3. Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious sore throat.

  4. thanks rachel - i actually killed it with hot tea and lemon. shortest cold i've had in years. but i'll make note of your recommendation.