Sunday, February 20, 2011

30 day song challenge - Day Twelve

day 12 - A song by a band you hate
"Leaving Las Vegas" by Sheryl Crow

I have never liked Sheryl Crow.

Overall, I'm not a big fan of female singer songwriters. I like some Ani DiFranco, I like a little bit of the Indigo Girls... the first album is spectacular. But a lot of stuff after that just bores me. Everyone loves Sarah McLachlan, but I kind of feel that she too is overrated.

I know a lot of people like her, but I just feel she is so boring, so pedestrian. I don't GET why so many people like her. And so I've chosen her for this honor, a song by a band I hate. And yeah, I know. She's not a band. She's an individual. But I really couldn't come up with a band that I hated.


  1. That song is better live than studio:

  2. oh come ON: Patty Larkin, Patty Griffin, Pink, Jonatha Brooke, Dar Williams, Joni Mitchell, Kelly Clarkson, Aretha Franklin, Zoe Lewis, Alison Krauss, Paula Cole, Vienna Teng, Sara Bareilles, Nanci Griffith, Dolly Parton, Shawn-freaking-COLVIN, Nicki Minaj, Adele...

  3. both pattys bother me. i like jonatha and dar. kelly clarkson? really?


  4. Anonymous3:44 PM

    my former assistant said it best: She's not a rock star. C

  5. Kelly can sing her ass off and has some really, surprising good tunes. She's the only American idol that mattered.