Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BOA update, Wherein I am Bloody, Bold and Resolute

We listen to the radio at night when we go to bed. There is a commercial from the Ad Council for with some folksy guitar and some dudes singing about being "I'm home and I love it, I'm home where I belong." When I hear it come on the air I want to punch someone. I literally want to punch the guys singing and take their guitars and beat them over the head with them. And I'm totally a big fan of acoustic folk music. But this ad, and the whole program, and Bank of America have made me lose my mind.

I wish I knew who those musicians were, because I would like to yell at them. Or something.

We got an email from our lawyer today with a final draft of our complaint which will be submitted to the district court in our county launching our lawsuit. He asked us to review it, come back to him with any suggestions/omissions, and that he will submit it Friday if we can get it back to him tomorrow.

I've long waited for this, it feels like it has been forever, even though it has been about five months since our first sit down meeting with the lawyer. He informed us that even though he has worked directly with their lawyers, they decided that they are still going forward with a foreclosure on us.

Okay. You want a fight, BOA. Hell hath no fury like me right now.

In March they returned our monthly payment to us with a "no thanks, we're foreclosing on you" letter. We have been putting our payments into a savings account since then, and if it turns out that they want it, it'll be there. Hopefully our lawsuit will result in them wanting to do business with us on the terms that we had renegotiated with Countrywide, that they have not honored.

We WANT to keep this house, we want to live here, we LIKE it, LOVE it and don't want to lose this.

I've got a lot of friends who in this last year have had to walk away from their homes for different reasons. I'm not there. I adore this building, and do not want it to fall into non-or disuse. I feel it is a treasure. I feel it is something that I took responsibility for when we bought it.

I cannot imagine next winter if we don't have this room in which I am currently sitting, with the woodstove cranking and the lovely wooden floors. I don't want to be anywhere else.

If it is meant to be, we'll win. And I truly hope that it is meant to be.

If you are a praying soul, please keep us in your prayers. I feel like my entire life is on hold, my emotions are so tied up in this. I had a small panic attack this morning when I got the email. But right now I am, as Shakespeare says "bloody, bold and resolute." Wish us luck.

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