Saturday, May 07, 2011

Liveblogging: 48 Hour Film Project

So my friends at Playomatic, Steve and Allyson et al, do this awesome thing every year for the 48 hour film project, and I have long wanted to work on this process. This year, I am. Leigh and Steve asked me to help out, so Jess and I are here.

And I thought I would live blog it for them, since Steve doesn't have a Playomatic blog. And because he needs to like direct and stuff.

This entry will be edited repeatedly through the day. Check back often. Please.

The elements this year are as follows: Prop - Chess Piece. Genre - Film de Femme (a movie focusing on strong female characters, but not necessarily girls in roles that guys usually would have in society... so we are going ... super hero). Line - "I didn't see THAT coming!"

Working on the project right now are:
Steve and Allyson
Rachel and Abigail
Erik R.
and other people will be joining us later.

We are at Erik's home base, the Griffen Theatre in Salem MA, using the stage, props, back drop, and facilities.

Erik will be playing the White Queen. In Drag. His dress is amazing. And now we're picking out his wig... Rachel and Abigail will be playing the Goth Gyrlz, characters who have appeared in past Playomatic films... and Leigh will be playing Aunt Henrietta. She will get an extreme goth makeover in the end...

We brainstormed, wrote lines, have the general idea, and right now we're setting up the equipment. Erik and Jess are making up dialog in mock-german for Die Weisse Königin, and Erik even shaved his chest for the role.

Scott Smith, in da house.

Christine: Let's be creative
(looks at facebook instead).

Filming begins.... NOW!
Sound check with Erik - "Thing is, I can totally hear you petting your dead cat."

Steve says, "here we are, filming starting earlier than last year...."

"curse my orthodontist.... he said i wouldn't need braces!"
Erik's outtakes will be amazing.

My new job: Cat Wrangler

"Let's run down to the hardware store and say "I'm building a bomb, what do you have that looks bombish." Yeah. That'll go over well."

Shot the Goth Gyrlz and broke for lunch. Special guest appearance by Keri and Nastia who stopped in to visit. Getting ready to film Aunt Henrietta's big entrance, the Big Reveal, the Big Discovery.

My daughter needs to shoot a CO2 canister at Leigh for her entrance, It's like a fire extinguisher ... this could be very funny.

"What, we all recognize Uncle Hank by his genitalia????"

That went well. CO2 was very loud, the girls made great horrible funny faces. Leigh ad libbed great lines, the reveal is amusing. Scott is using a rubber hand on top of his head to balance the boom mic.

"Ally, can you tie up Erik, please." -Steve
"Didn't See THAT Coming!"- Scott

"I'm not that method, man." - Erik
"Dude, just take your pants off." -Steve

Shooting photos for the graphic novel segment of the movie. Pow! Slam! Stomp! Victory!

Wrote/edited the voiceover for the graphic novel segment for Scott's narration. If he can get through Die Weisse Königin without laughing, or only laughing a little bit, it'll be awesome.

Scott's narration is done, he's off to home. Hopefully we didn't miss anything (hopefully I didn't jinx us with that comment). Great to see him.... and the voice over is very comic book/Power Puff Girls, perfect.

"You know, you're like lactose intolerant, right?" - Flossie
"I totally forgot." -Jess

Jess gets to be in the movie, saved by the Goth Gyrlz... yay!

Longest. Attempt. For. 10. Seconds. Of. Humorous. Footage. EVAH!
Jess and the Goth Gyrlz could not keep it together, laughed hysterically through the takes. Painful, but worth it (we hope).

Brad posted a short video of "what passes as a special effect." Very Funny

Bubble stuff, and flame lighting. Oh my.

Jess and I are clear from the site. Great night, lots of fun, and I do not envy Steve and Brad now as they will be editing and creating the masterpiece tonight. Sending them heartfelt mojo and huge thanks for allowing us to participate.

Screening will be Wednesday night at the Kendall Theatre. Hoping we can make it in.

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