Monday, May 16, 2011

So this is the verdict...

I had a saline infusion sono-hysterography. And we've discovered that I have a 6 cm by 4 cm fibroid (internal) and basically have three options.

1. Live with it. Periodically my period will be horrifying. But I wouldn't need surgery and the next 5 or 6 years would be ... annoying.
2. Have a Uterine Artery Embolization, which will kill the fibroid. My doctor said that this is about 80% effective. I could grow another fibroid in another part of the uterus, and have to deal with it later, but this one would get its little ass kicked by the UAE. One night in the hospital, 6-10 days recovery.
3. Get a hysterectomy. Which would be 100% effective, of course. 2 days in the hospital, about six weeks recovery.

Now, I spent about 35 minutes with my doctor talking things over. He said that if the fibroid was smaller we could have had a fourth option of an ablation (either heat or freezing). But this stupid fibroid is too big, so the ablation wouldn't work. He said there's a new procedure with some crazy tube and they shoot some stuff INTO the fibroid inside and it disintegrates the stupid thing, and then they use the tube thing to suck the inner evil workings of the fibroid out. Yes, that sounds super gross. But... it isn't an option just yet... most hospitals don't have that system installed and it would be a couple years before it was available to me.

A lot of people are telling me that I should not have a hysterectomy. I'm not really sure why, except it is based on their own experiences and thoughts. I'm not, as my doctor put it "attempting to preserve fertility" because heck, I don't want another baby. Ever. So that's not even a consideration for me. He said that a lot of women have a real, powerful, psychological/socio-psychological attachment to their uterus. My concern is mostly hormonal, whether or not I'd need hormone replacement therapies or if it would all just be "yay! it's over! I'll never get my period again. Woo hoooooooo!"


Anywho... Doug and I are going to talk about it, figure out what is best for me and what the impact on the family / life schedule of life would be, and we'll make our decision.

So that's the wrap-up on that...


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Just my 2 cents, if you decide on the hysterectomy see if they can leave your ovaries so you don't go through premature menopause. I am going through menopause and IT SUCKS. I would also question the hormone replacement therapy, many doctors, including mine, will not perscribe it unless the need is severe becuase of all the other side effects. Good luck sweetie.

  2. we actually discussed that and based on the ultrasound my ovaries are awesome and can stay. and he recommended that.

    i've talked to 2 people locally who had hysterectomies and both of them were like "DUH! WINNING!" heh. it was funny to talk to them about their experiences. 2 and 5 years later they wre both like "why didn't i do this sooner...."

    i'm leaning to the UAE, mostly for the recovery time, and i like the odds.

  3. I don't know anyone with a hysterectomy that got to keep their ovaries, so all I know is the other side of things. However, this reminds me that I need to schedule my annual. Such fun. :(