Monday, June 20, 2011

Observations at Lunch

Jess and I had lunch at Panera today.

A woman walked in with a baby in a car seat. She sat at a table near us, and pulled the baby out of the seat and cuddled it. Nothing abnormal there. It was a very new baby.... very. I think it had to be less than a week old.

People started to walk up to her and engage her in conversation. They were beaming at her, talking to her about the baby, congratulating her. They obviously didn't know her, but they had lots of questions. There were young women, moms with little wee kids, other pregnant women, older couples.

They touched her affectionately on the shoulder. They touched the baby. They sniffed the baby on top of its head. They gently massaged the baby's toes. Everyone was beaming at the mom and her baby, going gaa-gaa goo-goo in the middle of the restaurant.

It dawned on me that no one ever walks up to parents to say "What a lovely young man you have there! How old is he? Fourteen you say! Oh my! He's so big and handsome! Oh, what beautiful curly hair! Oh he's a big one, a good eater? Yes?"

Babies. So overrated. Pfth.


  1. Anonymous4:06 PM

    They were patting her because that woman has to change poopy diapers for the next 2 years at least and they are delighted that they don't have to. At least that's what I always think when I see a baby. I have often complimented a parent when I see a child speak or behave well. c

  2. well, i had to do it for 3 and 4.5... so ... i wish someone had patted me on the head then. and now. i guess.

  3. You know I'd rather sniff a puppy belly any day!

  4. ew, I don't want to sniff baby heads. gross. babies are cute, but I don't want to sniff them. I have never gotten that. they smell like poop and spit up. not exactly pleasant. my two cents.

  5. Imagine if they starting playing with Geoff's toes and sniffing his head. You'd call the cops - or ask for their best offer! ;)

  6. ... What the hell was she doing with a baby that new, out in crowds. BAD PARENTS!! BAD PARENTS!!!

  7. i love all of these comments.
    you guys are the best.