Sunday, June 05, 2011

Uncontrolable laughter in church

So today, it was a communion Sunday in our church. Doug wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home, and I'm kind of glad because he would not have found any of this entertaining.

It was also Youth Sunday, so our kids in the congregation did most of the service. Things were going really slowly, and there were a lot of people there, so communion seemed to take forever. Jess was sitting next to me and she started to dip her pita bread (the "body" of Christ) into her little wee cup (the "blood" of Christ) and I scowled at her.

"The Blood Of Our Lord is NOT a dipping sauce!" I whispered with a mean face.

So she started to laugh, and I started to laugh, and I looked away, and then looked back at her and we both lost it. A woman sitting in front of us had looked over her shoulder to see what was taking so long for the distribution of communion, and caught us, so we started laughing harder. SHE started laughing. A woman behind us started laughing.

It was kind of out of control.

It has only happened to us a couple of times ever, sitting in the pews. Whenever we sing this hymn, it happens. We can't stop laughing because all we can think of is Mr. Bean.

So inappropriate and so awesome.Link

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  1. She would fit right in at our church, we do our communion by intinction. :-)