Monday, October 03, 2011

Ode to the Yankee Fan in the Bar

Okay, we get it. You like the Yankees a lot.

You have a team jersey on, I think it is A-Rod's number on the back. The Yankees are too cool to put names on their jerseys, so I'm just guessing at this point. You have your hat on backwards, and you're drinking that beer. You jump up and scream WOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the top of your lungs when good stuff goes down on that big screen TV behind the bar. "YEAH SUCK IT BITCHES!" is your response when your team does something great on the field.

Thing is, you're the only one in this Ohio bar who is cheering for this team or any team. There are three people watching the other screen where the Ohio State football game is going on. There are 10 of us trying to have a discussion over here. And you're jumping around like your ass is on fire and your hair is catching.

Socially, some people would recognize that they are alone in this behavior and kind of stop maybe? Yeah.


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    So two weeks ago Mark is flying Jetblue home from SFO where he has worked his ass off all weekend racing. He's exhausted and looking forward to some bonus shut eye on the flight, he's one of those magic people that can sleep on airplanes. Except? This time he's sitting next to some moron screaming YEAH!!!! GOGOGOGO!!! at his TV. It gets to the point where Mark turns to the guy and says "who are you speaking to?". And? HE DIDN'T STOP. W.T.F.

  2. hahaha! well, who WAS he speaking to? what game was on. that is too funny.

    yeah, i find that cheering ALONE to this level and extent is like .... a mental illness. in a group, it would make more sense to me. this was just stupid.

    and the whole "WOOOO! Suck on that bitches! suck my dick!" was charming. I left that out.

  3. zanti8:40 AM

    Those are the type of people who have no manners or regard for anyone around them. I'd rather be on a plane with a crying baby than the obnoxious jerk described above by C. A baby can't help it...

  4. Neither can Yankees fans. Ooooops! Did I say that out loud?

  5. i guess that's true jess! lol! like a middle aged man driving a ferrari. compensate by making a lot of noise...