Sunday, December 04, 2011

December Beach Dogs

Yesterday, Doug told me to put down the laptop and stop updating websites for free for other people, get dressed, and get in the car. He wanted to go to the beach and run the dogs.

It is December, but it was 45 degrees with no wind whatsoever. What a perfect day, and why burn the opportunity. Right?

I was grumpy because I had a lot to do and just felt like all he does is stop me from doing things all the damn time... when the reality is I had all week to do things and picked yesterday morning to get them done. But he was right. I needed to get out. I got dressed. I found a hat. I found a winter coat.

We went to Salisbury Beach and no one was there. That's usually not the case. There are always dogs and people and more dogs and more people this time of year, especially on a stellar day like yesterday.  We let them off leash and they exploded all over the place, running to the water, away from the water, into the water, rolling in the sand, chasing seagulls. We walked and walked and I took pictures, like the above, which is my very favorite because of the movement. The paw prints to the water, the waves coming forward, and the dogs running north. So many directions, so much movement.

A couple with a dog showed up on the beach and their dog was on leash which always makes Brodie a little aggressive... so we had to round them up and hold them back while the couple got down the beach a ways. I need to get her some training. She is getting a little weird with strange dogs and I do not like that. With her brothers, she's an angel. But out in the world or when we have guest dogs, not so much.

We wrapped things up after about two hours when more people showed up to enjoy the last light of the day as the sunset would be coming soon. We took an extended drive through Seabrook, Hampton, Exeter, all sorts of spots. We got home and had to lift Jack out of the car. He's getting too old for running and running for hours.

Today he and Gonzo are horizontal. Jack is about 9 and Gonzo is 10 or 11. I promise them we'll enjoy as many runs on the beach or in the woods as we can before they cannot do it at all anymore.

And that's a promise to myself as well.

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  1. Good thing the weather on your place is so good,here we experience a little rain. I love those dogs, very active. Keep up the bonding.